WB Government keen to Boost Plant Productivity through Bio-Fertilizers

Bio-fertilizers are the Natural Fertilizers made up of the living  microorganisms which activates the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. When applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, colonize the rhizosphere  of the plant.

There is a myth that the fruits and vegetables are containing chemical residues, the use of bio-fertilizer shall be more effective and it also overcome the problems of pesticides/chemical residues in the fruits and vegetables.

As normal crop production usually requires the removal of plants or plant parts, the nutrients are continuously removed from the soil. Therefore, the long-term agricultural utilization of any soil requires periodic fertilization to replace lost nutrients.

The use of bio-fertilizers, biological systems that supply plant nutrients such as nitrogen to agricultural crops, could reduce agriculture’s dependency on chemical fertilizers, which are often detrimental to the environment.

There are five bio-fertilizers such as  Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillum and blue green algae(BGA) have been traditionally used as Biofertilizers. Rhizobiuminoculant is used for leguminous crops such as pulses. Azotobacter can be used with crops like wheat, maize, mustard, cotton, potato and other vegetable crops.

Scientists and research fellows are conducting researches on bio-fertilizers about how they can be used to increase the productivity of various plants and vegetables. They will also save people from the toxic substances used in chemical fertilizers. 

The West Bengal  Government is keen on increasing of productivity of various plants by administering bio-fertilizers and other manures, which will be fruitful for the plants. The Biotechnology department has already formed committees for the smooth implementation of various projects taken up by the department.

It has been learnt that researches are being conducted to examine how a particular plant can give fruits three times a year. Likewise, productivity of many other fruit trees and vegetables plants would be increased through various means, which will be more conducive for these plants to grow. The State Government has a plan to open a unit at all the districts, to provide technical assistance to the farmers on increasing the productivity of what they produce.

The department is committed to ensure that the people can get vegetables, fruits and others foodgrains free from toxic substances at the markets.

 The department is also contemplating how the productivity of foodgrains and vegetables could be increased in comparatively unfertile areas of Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia. It may be mentioned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had laid a lot of stress to improve the standard of life for the farmers in rural areas. She had announced lots of new projects in this regard.

The scientists will also conduct "tissue culture" as a part of their research work in the district level to increase the productivity of plants. It has been seen that the vegetables and fruits that are supplied into various markets in the city, are often found to be unhealthy.

 It also affects human health as various chemical fertilizers rich in toxic substances are often administered to the plants to augment the productivity. The department will also carry out research on increasing the productivity of cattle. The state government will provide assistance to those who rear cattle.

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