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Weather Today: Traffic in Parts of Delhi-NCR After Rainfall, Schools Shut In Tamil Nadu Districts

A few parts of Delhi NCR registered rainfall on Monday morning. Additionally, a few schools in Tamil Nadu shut.

Vivek Singh
Rain hit Delhi-NCR; Traffic hit Photo Courtesy: VivekSingh/KrishiJagran)
Rain hit Delhi-NCR; Traffic hit Photo Courtesy: VivekSingh/KrishiJagran)

Delhi-NCR woke up to heavy rainfall on Monday morning. The weather has become pleasant. A drop in the temperature has been recorded and people have got respite from the scorching heat. At the same time, people going out of the house for office and work had to face some problems.

According to the Meteorological Department, the weather condition in the national capital Delhi will remain more or less the same for the coming 3 to 4 days.

Delhi remained cloudy throughout Sunday and the humidity level in the air was 90 to 42. Although the maximum temperature was recorded above 40 degrees in many areas, wind blowing in the evening brought some relief.

The Meteorological Department says that in a few days, there is going to be a change in the weather pattern across the country. In the states where the heatwave is going on, the outbreak of heat will reduce and the rainy season will start with the onset of monsoon.

Weather Update: IMD Releases Notice for Areas Affected by Cyclone Biparjoy

According to the Meteorological Department,  States facing heavy rain due to cyclone Biparjoy will observe lesser rain for the next four to five days. The department has said that the states of North India, which are facing the wrath of heat, will receive rain from June 26-27, due to which the temperature will drop and people will get relief.

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