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What is Swamitva Scheme and How You can Benefit from Property Cards?

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed Property Cards made under Swamitva Scheme. Just after PM pressed the button, lakhs of property owners received the SMS across the country. There is a link in that, by clicking on which, they will be able to download their property card. After this, the state government will distribute the real property card to the people.

Presently, the villages whose cards have been made includes, 346 villages in Uttar Pradesh, 221 villages in Haryana, 100 villages in Maharashtra, 50 in Uttarakhand, and 44 in Madhya Pradesh.

Now let us understand, what Swamitva Yojana actually is? And how will it benefit village people

What is Swamitva Scheme?

The Central Government scheme was launched on National Panchayati Raj Day 24 April, 2020. The Ministry of Panchayati Raj is the nodal ministry to implement this scheme. The revenue/ land records department is the nodal agency for survey of properties through drones. The objective of the scheme is to separate the land in rural areas through drone survey technology. This will create a record of ownership of the owners of the houses in rural areas. He can use it for taking loans from banks and other purposes.

What is the need of this plan?

60% of the country’s population lives in the rural areas. But most of the villagers do not have ownership documents of their houses. The record of the agricultural land of the villages has been kept since the time of the British, but the houses were not noticed. In many states, survey and mapping of residential areas of villages was not done for property verification. And as a result, the property papers of many houses do not exit. The Swamitva scheme was introduced to remove this issue.

How will Swamitva scheme work?

Under the Swamitva scheme, the residential land will be measured through drones. The drone will create a digital map of every property within the village boundaries. Also, the limit of every revenue block will also be fixed. Area of each house can be accurately measured by drone technology. The state governments will create property cards for every house in the village.

What will be the Benefit?

  • The owner of the property will get his/her ownership easily.

  • Once the property is fixed, its price will also be fixed.

  • Property cards can be used to take loans.

  • Tax regime at pnchayati level will improve.

What Central Government will get through this scheme?

  • Efforts to bring financial stability in rural India.

  • Accurate land records will be available for planning.

  • Will help in deciding property tax.

  • Property disputes and legal matters will be reduced.

  • It will help in Gram Panchayat Development Plan.

  • Survey Infrastructure and GIS maps will be prepared, which any department will be able to use.

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