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What is This Newest Snack Everybody is Going Crazy For?

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
Potata - the new potato biscuit snack from Pran Foods company of Bangladesh

Is it a potato chip? Or is it some cracker? No, it’s none of them. It’s a biscuit. But, hey, no, it’s not your regular biscuit. It’s made of potatoes!  

It’s a potato biscuit 

You might have seen it on social media. A bright red pack labelled “Potata” is viral these days. This biscuit is manufactured by a Bangladeshi firm called Pran Foods. 

Netizens want to have a bite of this biscuit. Those who already have are veraciously talking about it. This bright red pack seems to have become an overnight sensation online.  

Here comes the Indian potato biscuit 

As the Bangladeshi Potata continues to make noise on the internet, our Indian FMCG stalwart ITC has quietly released a product that promises to give Potato some stiff competition.  

The product is Sunfeast All Rounder.  

This is available in “chatpata masala” flavour and is a potato biscuit too, but thinner than Potata. However, it comes as a direct challenge to the Bangladeshi biscuit.  

Sunfeast All Rounder is available in all grocery and “kirana” stores, departmental stores, and ecommerce sites in the four South Indian states, plus in the Northeast and in West Bengal.  


Sunfeast All Rounder comes in packs that humbly priced at Rs. 10 and Rs. 20.  

Sunfeast All Rounder - new potato biscuit by Indian company ITC
Sunfeast All Rounder - new potato biscuit by Indian company ITC

What the ITC COO has to say 

Ali Harris Shere, COO, Biscuits and Cakes department of ITC Ltd. calls this product as a “game changer” for the company.  

Attractive feature of the potato biscuit 

Forget Potata. You will love the ‘desi’ Sunfeast All Rounder because it gives you the taste of fried potatoes and the yummy-ness of a biscuit simultaneously.  

Indians love spices. ITC has used potato as the base and produced a unique texture and flavour. They have sprinkled the choicest of masalas on top.  

According to Ali, this is an attempt by the company to “positively disrupt” the segment of snacks and biscuits.  

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What’s next? 

It seems ITC’s Sunfeast All Rounder will rule the roost because other biscuit makers are keeping their fingers crossed and waiting and watching.  

“We are monitoring consumption and seeing whether it will dip once the novelty fades or continue,” remarks one biscuit maker.  

However, there are biscuit makers who are quite positive and believe that this ITC product can become the blockbuster in the market.  

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