Who are these farmers, taking kiki Challenge?

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Now is the time when Farmers are highlighted not only for distress, suicide, and agitations. The farmers are courageous, who are always running ahead of time. The farmer feeds millions before feeding his own family.

Agricultural scientists from all over the world are trying to bring out solutions to feed the hungry and satisfy the food needs of the increasing population by 2030 and 2050. There is the burden on farmer’s shoulders. The onus of providing the food is always with the farmers. Who is thinking about the farmers?

Farmers have been facing the challenges since ever, and they always prove to be the winners. Instead of importing, India today stands at a position when it has started to export. The Green revolution has changed the situation. The Farmers now sportingly takes the challenges.

Now, talking about the present day, farmers did not shy away to take the kiki challenge.  Kiki dance is an internet challenge thrown by Canadian rapper Drake, which involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside to his hit 'In My Feelings'.

Pilli, a farmer from Tirupati along with his friend Anil Kumar, a budding actor has proved that they are also running with the time and can dance in the field with bullocks while irrigating the field.

A farmer and a budding actor from Telangana who took up the 'Kiki dance challenge', grooving to Drake's smash hit as they plow a field with bullocks, have become a sensation with a video of the act going viral.

The video, posted as 'Kiki Challenge Village farmers Style India' in 'My Village Show' channel in Youtube has garnered nearly 1.6 lakh views in just three days while the official Facebook page of the 'My Village Show' had over three million views and about 55,000 shares in just four days.

Director Srikanth (Sriram Srikanth who runs 'My Village Show' channel at Youtube) came up with this idea and he shot the video and posted on Youtube, according to sources.

Srikanth said he wanted to do something better using the Kiki Challenge and this idea hit him.

Srikanth claimed that soon after posting the video online, his followers at Facebook and Instagram grew exponentially.

The dance by the duo has drawn huge accolades from netizens. Among them was Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who posted this video in his official Twitter page. "The only #kikichallenge that I approve of! Desi style and completely safe! Mera Bharat Mahaan!," he said.

As Hyderabad Traffic Police have warned that anyone indulging in #kikichallenge on the roads would be booked under Section 268 of IPC (public nuisance) and Section 70 (b) of Hyderabad City Police Act.

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