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Yoga is Creating New Paths for Positive Change in the Society: PM Modi on 10th International Day of Yoga

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated the 10th International Day of Yoga in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, highlighting Yoga's global appeal and its benefits for both individuals and society.

Saurabh Shukla
Yoga is Creating New Paths for Positive Change in the Society: PM Modi on 10th International Day of Yoga (Photo Source: @narendramodi/X)
Yoga is Creating New Paths for Positive Change in the Society: PM Modi on 10th International Day of Yoga (Photo Source: @narendramodi/X)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 10th International Day of Yoga (IYD) event in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir today on June 21, 2024, leading the celebrations and participating in a Yoga session.

Since 2015, the Prime Minister has spearheaded International Day of Yoga celebrations at various iconic locations, including Kartavya Path in Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Ranchi, Lucknow, Mysuru, and the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This year’s theme, "Yoga for Self and Society," emphasizes Yoga's dual role in fostering individual and societal well-being, encouraging grassroots participation, and spreading Yoga in rural areas.

In his address, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for being in Jammu & Kashmir, a land deeply associated with Yoga and spiritual practices, on this significant day. He remarked on the unique energy and atmosphere present in the region during the celebrations. Modi extended his best wishes to citizens and Yoga practitioners worldwide on this special occasion.

Reflecting on the 10th anniversary of International Yoga Day, PM Modi recalled India's successful proposal at the UN, endorsed by a record 177 countries. He highlighted notable milestones, such as 35,000 people performing Yoga at Kartavya Path in 2015, and more than 130 countries participating in the Yoga event he led at the UN Headquarters last year. Modi also expressed satisfaction with the recognition of over 100 institutes in India and 10 major foreign institutes by the Yoga Certification Board, established by the Ministry of Ayush.

PM Modi highlighted the growing global appeal of Yoga, noting its increasing practice and acceptance. He shared anecdotes of world leaders expressing interest in Yoga during their interactions with him. Modi recounted inaugurating a Yoga center in Turkmenistan in 2015, where Yoga has since gained immense popularity. He mentioned that Yoga therapy has been included in the curriculum of State Medical Universities in Turkmenistan, it has been integrated into Saudi Arabia's education system, and the Mongolian Yoga Foundation is running numerous Yoga schools. He also highlighted that 15 million Germans have become Yoga practitioners and mentioned the awarding of a Padma Shree to a 101-year-old French Yoga teacher.

Modi spoke about the burgeoning Yoga Economy, driven by increased interest in Yoga tourism, retreats, resorts, and dedicated facilities at airports and hotels. He highlighted the growing market for Yoga apparel, equipment, personal trainers, and corporate wellness programs, creating new employment opportunities for the youth.

Addressing this year's IYD theme, "Yoga for Self and Society," PM Modi underscored Yoga's role as a powerful agent for global good, helping individuals live in the present and fostering a sense of collective well-being. He highlighted Yoga's scientific benefits, particularly in managing information overload and maintaining focus, making it valuable in fields ranging from the military to sports and even in prisons.

Modi lauded the enthusiasm of the people of Jammu & Kashmir, especially Srinagar, for their participation despite the rainy weather. He highlighted the significant turnout, with 50,000 to 60,000 people joining the Yoga program, and praised their spirit and support.

Prime Minister concluded his address by thanking the people of Jammu & Kashmir for their participation and extending his best wishes to Yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

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