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Know How Nizar becomes a successful farmer after facing major loss

This is an article about the inspiring journey of Nizar, a farmer from Edavanakkad. His dedication and never give up attitude resulted in a great success in life. He says failures are the next opportunity to try for better ideas. His life story is an excellent example for every person who dreams for great success.

Deepak Maurya
pic credit - matrubhumi
pic credit - matrubhumi

It has been rightly stated by Robert Kiyosaki “Successful people don’t fear failure but understand that it’s necessary to learn and grow from.” The saying has been made true by Nizar, a farmer hailing from Edavanakkad. His dedication and hard work has resulted him as being owner of a 10-acre fish farm in Malappuram and a dairy farm with 20 cows.Even students from Agricultural University are taking advice to study about the integrated farming method followed by Nizar.

Nizar started his journey from a great failure. The field was first leased by some other person and he gave up after facing loss. It was the time when Nizar thought of starting shrimp farming on trial basis. But after hard work of three months he faced a major loss and even he was not able get back his invested amount.

After failing in first attempt of his business, his next venture was fish farming. He chose grey mullet (Tirtha) fish which has huge demand in the market. In the first phase 5000 juvenile fish were grown. He found that farming of Grey mullet fish was very economical, as Grey mullet feeds on algae and micro aquatic plants. In order to develop such plants Nizar bought three cows situated in the middle of the field. He mixed the cow dung in small quantity of water. With this, micro plants flourished and natural food for the fish were available abundantly. This greatly reduced the economic burden of buying artificial food. And now Nizar increased up to 25000 juvenile fish in the farm at once.

He also started collecting small fishes from the field and after drying and grinding them in fine powder he added them in cattle feed. This increased the cow’s productivity. Though he started his journey by 3 cows, Nizar currently has 20 cows in his dairy farm and up to250 liters of milk is produced every day. Milk is directly distributed to the housesin the locality.

After a great success in fish farming and dairy farms, Nizar next decision was moving a step ahead. He decided to start prawn farming. As a result of his dedication and hard work State Government awarded him for best farmer in the district in 2017. After such successful journey, Nizar is planning to Singapore model crab farm at a cost of 15 Lakh. He is also supported by his family, Wife Vahida and children Nehna and Nehar in his work.

Nizar’s journey from suffering loss to a success farmer is inspiring for many farmers. His dedication and strong belief in his ideas has resulted him all the success that he deserves. People should learn to be creative and word hard for their dreams. As failure is the first step toward success, Nizar proved this right through his work.

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