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Mumbai based couple makes big profit by selling their DIY roof top gardening kits during lockdown

Tanvi and Ankur Agarwal, a Mumbai based couple launched their own small company named “Bombay Greens” earlier this year in the month of May.

Prity Barman

Tanvi and Ankur Agarwal, a Mumbai based couple launched their own small company named “Bombay Greens” earlier this year in the month of May.

Amidst the pandemic which created a nationwide lockdown, like all of those gardeners who chose to grow their own vegetables and plants in their own little garden, the couple from Maharashtra also created their own vegetable garden at their balcony which had enough space to allow them for growing their own plants.

The main idea of business came to them when all of their friends and relatives started asking them questions based on the really attractive and attention grating pictures of all those vegetables and plants.

Most of the questions were on utmost basics of gardening or planting crops. Therefore the couple decided to start making DIY gardening kits and sell them so that all those gardeners who are so interested in doing this but are unable to grow because of lack of knowledge on how to start and what to use for growing a plant.

According to Tanvi their DIY kit is really unique because it has all the detailed process for growing the plant and with every kit there are various seeds starting from exotic plant varieties like zucchini, bell peppers, chia seeds etc. to all those regular plant varieties like tomatoes and spinach.

The whole idea of this DIY kit had grabbed so much of public attention that within 5 months it earned revenue of Rs. 9, 00,000 a well amount as profit especially during the lockdown days and also a stage where the economy of the country has been declining because of the pandemic.

Both the members of this venture already had their other business of electronics and mobiles suffer loss during lockdown therefore the response in this part of the business turned out to be very overwhelming. One of the reasons of their DIY gardening kit business to be of success was the research that they had done like asking the people from housewives to working ladies and students as on how would something would help the people to grow the plants easily.

Based on their research they customised their DIY kits therefore now it is of much success. The second reason for their business to be a success was the social media. As known already social media can cause harm and immense good at same times. For Tanvi and Ankur social media helped and did immense good for their business.

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