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Modest Beginnings to Millionaire Milestone: Rajasthan Couple Transforms Small Dairy Farm into Thriving Rs 1.5 Crore Business

Meet Vibhor Jain, and his wife Ishita Jain, who have revolutionized dairy farming and become crorepatis with their successful venture, Kinaya Farms.

Shreetu Singh
Meet Vibhor Jain, and his wife Ishita Jain, who have revolutionized dairy farming and become crorepatis with their successful venture, Kinaya Farms.
Meet Vibhor Jain, and his wife Ishita Jain, who have revolutionized dairy farming and become crorepatis with their successful venture, Kinaya Farms.

Dairy farming stands as one of the most profitable sectors in agriculture, generating significant income for farmers. The sector not only provides milk, curd, and ghee but also offers organic manure, which reduces farming costs and enhances production. Over time, this sector has increasingly attracted young entrepreneurs, and Vibhor Jain is a shining example of this trend. Vibhor Jain, a entrepreneur from Rajasthan, along with his wife, Ishita Jain, transformed their modest dairy farm into a flourishing business. Together, they have built Kinaya Organic Farms, achieving an impressive annual turnover of Rs 1.5 crore by raising 100 Gir cows.

Starting the Dairy Farming Business

Vibhor Jain started Kinaya Organic Farms in 2017 at the age of 22. His dairy farm is located in Tibaria, Hingonia Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan. He mentioned that "no one from my family was previously involved in agriculture; we are the first generation to enter the field and start a dairy farming business."

It all began with the couple's keen interest in agriculture and allied sectors. Inspired by the people in their community involved in dairy farming, they decided to pursue this business. First of all, they rented land in Jaipur. The next challenge was selecting the right breed of cattle.

Vibhor always wanted to go with a native breed due to his love for nature and because of research-proven facts that long-term consumption of Jersey cow milk can be harmful to health, while native cow milk retains real beneficial properties. Vibhor says, "Rajasthan has several native cow breeds, including Haryanvi, Rathi, Tharparkar, Kankrej, Gir, Nagauri, Sahiwal, and Malvi. We were confused about which breed to choose. Finally, we chose Gir cows as most of the people in our community were raising Gir cows."

In 2017, when Vibhor purchased Gir cows, the average price per cow was Rs 1.25 lakh. He began with 20 Gir cows and one bull. After visiting Gujarat and receiving proper training on breed improvement from livestock owners who have been raising Gir cows for generations, their business gradually expanded, and the number of Gir cows at his farm also increased as the business grew. After three years of successful operations, they purchased land and moved the farm to their own property. Currently, the farm spans 12 acres and houses 100 Gir cows.

Overcoming Challenges in Dairy Farming

Vibhor highlighted three main challenges in starting dairy farming: identifying and purchasing the right breed of cow, finding and managing trained labor, and effective marketing to sell milk at the right price.

1. Identifying and Purchasing the Right Breed of Cow 

Focusing on their own story, Vibhor shared that they selected good breeds of Gir cows that can produce 8-10 liters of milk at a time, which means 16-20 liters per day if milked in the morning and evening. Even if the calf is given one or two teats, each cow can provide 12-14 liters of milk daily.

Vibhor added that for the maintenance of their breed, he and Ishita grow 8-10 types of green fodder according to the season, including sorghum, alfalfa, millet, super napier, moringa, berseem, and fenugreek. They also feed the cows neem, shatavari, and ashwagandha powder to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.

2. Finding and Managing Trained Labor

Vibhor says that, “After getting the proper training from Gujarat only, we were able to expand our business. Skilled and trained labors are very essential for any venture to grow.” 

3. Selling Gir Cow Milk at Rs 125 Per Liter

Building trust with customers is crucial for selling milk at a good price. Vibhor initially used Facebook and YouTube to build trust by showcasing their farm’s daily routine. He started selling Gir cow milk at Rs 91 per liter and now sells it at Rs 125 per liter. Although there are few customers who buy milk at such a high price, they produce 300-350 liters of milk daily.

Dairy Farming: A Profitable Business

About input cost, Vibhor shared, “For starting a dairy business with 10 cows requires an investment of Rs. 20-25 lakh, with Rs. 10-12 lakh spent on purchasing cows, Rs. 5-6 lakh on building a basic shed, and additional costs for buying machinery.”

Talking about profit, Vibhor shared, “With daily milk production of 300-350 liters, we sell 100-125 liters and make ghee from the rest.” They sell ghee for Rs. 3300 per liter and also export it to the US, Dubai, Australia, and other countries. Other than that, they sell buttermilk locally in Jaipur. Their annual turnover is Rs 1.5 crore from selling milk, buttermilk, ghee, and Poornima Shatdhaut Ghrit Cream, with Rs. 80-90 lakh being the cost and the rest as profit.

The inspiring journey of Vibhor and Ishita Jain highlights the immense potential of dairy farming, demonstrating how passion, perseverance, and sustainable practices can lead to significant financial success and a transformative impact on the agricultural sector.

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