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Start-up India’s winner comes up with an innovation of making aloevera based e-cells

In Start up India competition 2020, the winner was a private firm owned by Nimisha Varma and Naveen Suman. The company was established in the year 2019 and is been registered at Registrar of Companies, Kanpur. The Aloe ECell company invented the Aloevera made 100% natural batteries.

Prity Barman

Electricity has itself been an innovative invention, but with decades the use of natural resources for the production of electricity and other power generating items has increased the severity of pollution. The use of harmful components in making such batteries and e-cells has made the surroundings a harmful radiation zone.

As science has begun this problem, it has also given the answer to it. One of the Indian start-up companies have come up with an idea of making aloevera based e-cells.

Yes plant based power generating sources. This company has been declared as one of the winners in Start up India competition 2020 in the energy department. The company is a private firm owned by Nimisha Varma and Naveen Suman. The company was established in the year 2019 and is been registered at Registrar of Companies, Kanpur.

Batteries are generally made up of harmful chemicals which when used completely are thrown away and later those harmful chemicals release in to the dump areas or landfill areas which when exposed to sun rays lead to landfill fires.

So according to the company the main idea to come up with this idea of making aloe e-cells was that it would not only save the environment but would also provide many farmers a job. Also the e-cells production cost would be 10% less and would last 50% more than the normal batteries.

Now one might think how is it possible to generate electricity from aloevera? The director’s of the company have aimed to make the e-cell batteries using aloevera. They found a method of converting the chemical energy inside the aloevera plant into electrical energy. Detailed process as how this conversion takes place is yet to be known but there are some previous references which have proven that it is possible to convert the energy from plants into electrical energy.

For instance in some of the scientific research articles it has been claimed that succulent plants like aloevera have water stored in to their leaves which makes them a potential enough to have higher conductivity therefore they can conduct higher voltage of current as compared to other succulent plant breeds.

Now the energy is derived by using electrodes which are fixed at certain regions of the plant and the energy produced by the plant during the day is used up in order to produce electrical energy.

Now as per the source the electrical energy harvested from these plants can be stored in capacitors which can further be used as a source for producing electricity for using low power devices like batteries dependent devices.

The Aloe ECell Private Limited is the company which is going to start producing the aloe e cells along with their electrical instruments which they have been dealing with from the beginning.

Both the directors of the company have won the contest as their idea highlighted many of the problems associated with the regular batteries and e-cells and also provided with many of the advantages of the aloevera batteries.

Some of the advantages that the Company claimed while talking about their ideas were:

  • The aloevera batteries would be 100% natural and eco friendly battery cells.

  • These batteries would be the first in the world to be completely non hazardous.

  • The batteries would run 50% more than the normal mercury lead made batteries.

  • The cost would be 10% less than those of the normal batteries.

  • The concept is completely made in India therefore it would be a boost for the Indian economy too.

  • Last but not the least this startup would give many farmers and other people jobs for survival.

So this is all about the new and innovative start up idea which gained popularity in the business world in the earlier weeks. Further we need to wait for the final product to be out in the market so that the reviews of the public can be noticed. As nowadays there’s a trend to live a much more healthy life there’s a full chance that this product might reach new heights in the market too.

There are lots of other ideas and our nation is full of young and innovative minds which need to be explored and also need some opportunities to come up with their kind of innovative ideas.

Think and also keep trying, the ideas might sound weird to some people but it wouldn’t mean those ideas are not worth it. Startups are a great ways to not just fulfil your ideas but also with that one can support thousands of more families. Risk is included but one needs to take up risk in order to work on what they want to.

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