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This is How Tamil Nadu Farmers Shines amid Dark Hours of Corona crisis

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

The southern state of Tamil Nadu which has witnessed an uphill battle against coronavirus, with around 4 Lakh confirmed cases, as on 30 August 2020, there has been an increased demand from the public for natural immunity boosters such as turmeric and moringa.

According to local reports, Karur Moringa and Vegetable Farmers Producer Company Limited, a farmers’ collective in Lingamanayakkanpatti in Karur district has seized this opportunity to promote moringa in a way that appeals to the Indian palate. Moringa is renowned for its medicinal properties which can heal many health problems.

The farmers have tried to make their product a kitchen staple from moringa dhal powder, moringa chutney and moringa jaggery balls to the basic moringa oil or leaf powder.

The farmer producer company has also ramped up production of their other immunity booster products like noni syrup, seenthil (Tinospora cordifolia), etc. While the coronavirus infection and lockdown make it tough for small businesses across the country to survive, this farmers’ collective work is a brilliant example of thriving.

When there's a Will, there's a Way

“Moringa is renowned for its medicinal properties like reducing ulcers, wheezing, to combating reproductive disorders,” said engineer-turned-farmer Karthikeyan Meivanan, and CEO. Moreover, viewing the demand for natural immunity boosters, Karur Moringa and Vegetable Farmers Producer Company started marketing their organic products via social media.


There's Huge Opportunity for Moringa Farmers worldwide

Also known as the Ben oil, Moringa oil has a huge market in the cosmetics industry and global market.

With governments across the world promoting its usage for its immunity boosting properties, there’s been an increase in our customer base despite the lockdown challenges,” 26-year-old Meivanan told to media.

“The minute there was a relaxation in lockdown and courier services started operating, we had several orders for our moringa products, especially from cities like Chennai,” said Mohana Balasubramani (45), the company’s administrative head.

From Rs 1,200 per kg, I have seen the price of moringa seeds go down to paltry Rs 100 per kg this year,” said Shobika Perumal, one of the directors of the company.

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