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Agriculture Experts Advocate for Using Climate Adaption Strategies to Boost the Sector

Concerned about the effects of climate change, environmental and agricultural experts have urged Nigerian farmers to combine diverse climate adaption measures in order to raise revenue and food security for the country's burgeoning population.

Shivam Dwivedi
The programme aims to contribute to the adaption solution in Nigeria and other African nations
The programme aims to contribute to the adaption solution in Nigeria and other African nations

Experts talked at a workshop on the Climate Adaptation Support Programme, which was organized by AKADEMIYA2063, in collaboration with the Resource and Environmental Policy Research Centre at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka, Nigeria, and the Global Centre on Adaptation in Abuja.

Dr. Nnaemeka Chukwuone, the Centre's Director, stated that they want to validate research findings that "are supposed to help Nigeria's execution of the National Action Plan on Climate Change."

According to him, empirical research shows that small-holder farmers do better when they apply numerous climate solutions, such as varied cropping systems, enhanced seedlings, and organic and inorganic fertilizers. As a result, he advocated for the adoption of one of the techniques to boost farmers' income when compared to non-adoption, stating that "the highest farm income will be attained when farmers embrace all of the practices jointly, rather than partially."

Dr. Henry Okoduwa, an Associate Researcher at REPRC-EfD Nigeria, also stated that "climate change will reduce Nigeria's economic output, in terms of GDP, by 4.2 percent," adding that the simulation scenarios are built through an exhaustive review of existing literature to collect evidence on the impact of climate change and adaptation options on agricultural productivity.

Dr. Mahamadou Tankari, another expert, stated that the programme aims to contribute to the adaption solution in Nigeria and other African nations by providing data and frameworks for analysis to address critical questions on climate adaptation. He also stated that it will lead policy harmonization, interventions, and priority measures that can help accomplish the objectives of the many policy initiatives for climate adaption.

The workshop attendees were recruited from the Federal Ministry of Environment. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, National Adaptation Plan Strategy, REDD+ Secretariat, National Climate Change Council, and Agro-industrial Processing Zones Program were among those that attended the event.

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