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Andhra Pradesh: Surge in Nellore Rice Demand Cheers Farmers

An increase in the prices of various varieties of paddy as a result of an increase in demand for super fine Nellore rice both within and outside the State has cheered farmers in the SPSR Nellore district.

Shivam Dwivedi
Over 45,000 acres of paddy seedlings have been transplanted so far.
Over 45,000 acres of paddy seedlings have been transplanted so far.

MTU 1010 and NLR 34449 sold for between Rs 15,000 and Rs 15,500 per putti (one putti equals 850 kg). Following a bleak situation a couple of seasons ago when farmers in the district were forced to take a partial crop holiday due to a depressed market, the current increase in demand and price has brought paddy cultivation back into farmers' favour this winter.

"Overcoming obstacles in marketing paddy is a thing of the past. There is no need for us to swarm the Rythu Bharosa Kendras for market intervention and wait for payment for months," as per a group of farmers in Kovur village.

According to Andhra Pradesh Federation of Farmers' Association president Ch. Koti Reddy, progressive farmers who chose low glycemic Telangana sona (RNR 15048) received a premium price of 20,000 per putti.

"Even if the moisture content exceeds the Food Corporation of India's 17% limit, traders obtained the produce directly from farmers," he explained.

Millers took 10% more quantity last winter due to higher moisture content, forcing them to part with paddy at as low as 12,000 per putti. "However, thanks to the current high demand, we can make up for the losses incurred during the previous rabi," they added.

According to Agriculture Nellore Joint Director G. Sudhakar, conditions are favourable for achieving a paddy coverage of 3.69 lakh acres during rabi, with Somasila brimming with water and improved market conditions.

"Over 45,000 acres of paddy seedlings have been transplanted so far. The most preferred varieties are NLR 34449 and BPT 5204," Agriculture Assistant Director A. Narsoji Rao informed reporters.

During the previous rabi, 5.71 lakh acres of paddy were planted in the undivided SPSR Nellore district. Parts of paddy-growing areas have now been incorporated into the Tirupati district.

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