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Bhubaneswar Gets Its First Premium Organic Food Store ‘GET BACK TO NATURE’

Bhubaneswar's one-of-a-kind premium organic food brand, 'GET BACK TO NATURE,' has opened its first unique store in Dumduma's Cosmopolis Apartments.

Chintu Das
Organic Food
Organic Food

Since organic food items have become increasingly popular, Bhubaneswar's one-of-a-kind premium organic food brand, 'GET BACK TO NATURE,' has opened its first unique store in Dumduma's Cosmopolis Apartments.

Poonam Mohapatra, a software professional, founded the brand 'GET BACK TO NATURE', which provides high-quality food that is chemical and residue-free and grown using traditional farming techniques. The store was officially opened by Chief Guest Shri Prasanna Kumar Patasani, a former Lok Sabha member.

"I am pleased to inaugurate GET BACK TO NATURE, which is Odisha's first ever Premium Organic food store," said the store's chief guest, Prasanna Kumar Patasani, a former member of the Lok Sabha. 

"The quality and purity of the food we eat is extremely important for our health. Organic foods are nutrient-dense since they are produced without the use of chemicals. I encourage people to eat more organic foods because "if we look after our health, our health will look after us," he added.

The brand offers a product variety that includes lentils, honey, A2 Ghee, nuts, cooking oil, spices, and fruits and vegetables. With the goal of linking clients to the land and local organic food production while providing healthier alternatives to industrial agricultural products. The products are made on local farms, where the freshest ingredients are sourced. It should be mentioned that the total production process currently employs more than 200 people.

"With our new initiative, we aim to bring back the organic and sustainable lifestyle to our culture, which has been lost for a long time," Poonam Mohapatra, Founder of GET BACK TO NATURE, remarked. We aim to make people aware of the advantages of eating organic food since it promotes a healthy and long life. Despite the fact that half of our product is wasted because organic food has a shorter shelf life, we continue to promote organic food because we believe that "health is wealth."

"At first, we intend to open our stores in residential complexes. Soon, we'll have ten additional locations around Bhubaneswar, and then we'll expand our exclusive outlets across Odisha," she added.

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