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Big news: Genetically modified wheat gets validation from Argentina

Argentina became the first nation to approve the HB4 seeds of genetically modified wheat strain.

Prity Barman

On 7th October, 2020 Wednesday, Bioceres one of the renowned biotech company along with the government of Argentina became the first in the world to approve the genetically modified wheat strain.

With this particular approval Argentina has now become a much advanced nation in the field of science and technology.

According to the company’s CEO, Federico Trucco the new modified strain of wheat has been created using the HB4 technology, which makes the crop tolerant to drought like climatic conditions and also enhances the production yield with much less of loss, added the minister.

With the new record came lots of disagreement too. Genetically modified crops especially wheat has never been an option or approved yet for export as the consumers aren’t sure about the effects of the wheat upon consuming unlike the other modified crops like corns etc.

According to some of the farm land owners, the head of many wheat Quality experts of the U.S trade alliances says that the new modified strain of wheat might actually cause a huge loss as nobody would buy those out of health concern.

In response to the same the biotech company’s CEO replied that it would only release the new modified HB4 seeds of wheat after Brazil approves for the export of the same as Brazil has been the largest importer of Argentina’s wheat, with a record of around 43% of the total Argentina’s wheat produce last year.

One positive hope for the new strain of wheat is the nations of Brazil as Rubens Barbosa, the Brazilian Wheat Industry Associations Head showed a positive interest on the same.

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