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Brazilian Cattle Breeders Delegation Looking Positively Towards India

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Brazil has been increasing its cattle herd and milk production every year, even with the reduction of 29.2 million hectares of grazing areas between 1990 and 2018. It has been happening due to investments in genetic improvement, nutrition, health and increasing use of reproductive technologies. Zebu, which accounts for 80 percent of the national herd, is the main contributor to this advance. The animals are selected from the most modern technologies and, in its majority, they are raised on pasture, which contributes to reducing production costs, improving the profitability of the business and making Brazil more competitive in the international market. 

A delegation of the Brazilian Cattle  Breeders Association (ABCZ)  comprising Ms Icce Garbellini, Gerente International, Ms Ana Claudia Mendes Souza of the Fazenda  Amar, Mr Rodrigo Castiho De Biasi of the Canto Porto(1988) is providing the best Gyr breed, having experience of 80 years of selection from large breeders with the best families of the milk Gyr. Ms Agostinha Naves Aguir of the Sula Guzera, Mr. Wilson Rodrigues of Agropecuaria and Mr. Eros Gazzinelli of Brazilian Dairy Guzerat & Guzolando are in India to offer the best that Dairy Guzerat can provide.

Krishi Jagran spoke to Ms Ana Claudia Mendes Souza and found that the cattle nursery is a genetic repository, producing modern and docile animals with outstanding capabilities for giving birth and converting food intake into milk. (The interview of Ms Ana Claudia, translated in English by Ms Bruno of ABCZ) is separately available on Krishi Jagran You Tube Channel).

The delegation will meet the Indian Farming community during their tour in the country. The Agriculture Attache Mr Dalci Bagolin from the Embassy of Brazil is also guiding and helping the delegates to achieve their vision and mission as per the Indian Protocols. 

The aim of the company Canto Porto is the commercialization of embryos from Gyr and Gyrolando donors, the fruit of a careful selection that has generated an exclusive group of donors.

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