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CNH Industrial Unveils Their Latest Ag Tech & Smart Farming Firsts in Phoenix

The organization displayed its successful advancement in the field of Precision Technology at a two-day gathering for the financial, investor, and media communities

Ayushi Sikarwar
Agriculture net sales of CNH Industrial for the year 2022 is estimated to be $900 million

In order to fulfil its Ag Tech roadmap, CNH Industrial is progressing significantly. At a two-day event for the financial, investor, and media communities, the company showcased its accomplished development in the Precision Technology sector.

The event took place in Phoenix, USA on December 7 and 8, and demonstrated how the company is constantly coming up with market-leading products in automation, autonomy, digitization, alternative fuels, and electrification for the benefit of its consumers, global farmers, and the environment.

“Our Tech Day will show the world how CNH Industrial is leveraging our great iron to develop and deploy technology that simplifies and enhances operations; provides insightful data, and utilizes alternative power solutions – all to sustainably advance farming,” says Scott W. Wine, Chief Executive Officer, CNH Industrial.

"Raven’s significant contributions to this effort will also be on full display – demonstrating how we have incorporated their capabilities and accelerated our technology offering to create customer solutions that drive efficiency and profitability", he added.

The agriculture net sales of CNH Industrial for the year 2022 are anticipated to include an estimated $900 million contribution from components of Precision Technology.

In the next two to three years, the company project a growth rate of 10 to 15 per cent, and seems to be working aggressively towards pursuing a projected $1 billion in net sales contribution from Precision Technology components in 2023.

The technology found in whole goods, retrofit components, and Raven third-party sales are all examples of Precision Technology components.

At the event, reviewing of Ag Tech breakthroughs by CNH Industrial's technical leaders and specialists took place, with an emphasis on Precision Technology through Automation, Autonomy, and Connected Platform technologies. Technological innovations and industry firsts, both at the commercial and idea stages, were also displayed at the event.

How Precision Technology adds value for the customers, company, and R&D was also discussed in a session on the Business Impact of Ag Tech. The technologies were already in use in the field and were available for farmers to use throughout the entire farming cycle.

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