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Earn up to Rs. 6 lakh through Banana Chips Business; Investment & Profit Details Inside

Are looking to start a good profitable business? Then you should definitely start a Banana Chips making business. Banana chips are ready-to-eat popular food item. Its demand is increasing especially in the Urban Areas. Also, the small towns & suburbs are emerging market for banana chips.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
A Banana Chips Factory
A Banana Chips Factory

Are looking to start a good profitable business? Then you should definitely start a Banana Chips making business. Banana chips are ready-to-eat popular food items. Its demand is increasing especially in Urban Areas. Also, the small towns & suburbs are emerging markets for banana chips.  

Major banana-producing states include Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar & Karnataka. If you live in one of the banana-producing regions, definitely give this business a try! 

How to start Banana Chips Making Business? 

Find a detailed Business profile to start this business in this article. 

 Analyze the Banana Chips Market:

Banana cultivation in itself is very profitable. You can Earn in Lakhs if you take up banana cultivation. And Banana Chips are a popular Indian Snack and have great export potential also. However, you need to find out what are the established brands and competitors. Check their packaging style, quantity and prices. These details will help you in taking the necessary decisions in establishing your unit. 

Licenses and registrations for starting a Banana Chips Business: 

Firstly, you have to obtain a license from FSSAI. You need to register with the Udyog Adhaar MSME which helps you in attaining the different funding & subsidies. Then you need to apply for a food business operator license that is vital for packaged food and selling in the country. 

Next, you have to obtain a trade license from the local municipal authority for banana chips making business. You also need a GST registration number for this business.  

Machines used for Banana Chips Manufacturing: 

Banana is greatly perishable thus if you are planning for a starting this business you can get a semi-automatic banana wafers manufacturing unit which yield around 50 tons of banana wafers for every two working shifts within 300 working days. The following are the machinery needed for the banana chips-making business. 

  • Electrically operated Dryer with trolleys 

  • Automatic Sealing Machine

  • DG set

  • Slicer made of SS with Attachments & Electric motors.

  • Oil Sieve

  • Coal Fired Furnace

  • Cutting & peeling Knives

  • Weighing Scale

  • Aluminum Utensils

Raw Materials required for banana chips manufacturing are Green Bananas, Oil, Food Color & Salt. 

Investment & Profit in Banana Chips Manufacturing Business: 

The primary Working Capital would be about Rs 8 lakh. The semi automatic machines range from Rs 1 lakh to 3 Lakh. The fully automatic machine costs range from Rs 3.5 lakh to 6 lakh. The cost of raw material includes Rs 50000 and the cost packaging would be around Rs 10000 the other miscellaneous charges also include Rs 10000. 

The banana chips business profit ranges 50% to 60% as it has high demand in the market. So, you can expect a profit of Rs 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per year in small scale business. You can even start banana chips making at home, as it requires a very small space to start with. 

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