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ELAI – An Agri-tech Startup to Provide Free Precision Farming Advices to all Farmers

Small and marginal farmers can now avail free precision farming advisory based on remote sensing & satellite imagery and country level inputs provided by cultivators. ELAI, an Agritech startup will provide free precision farming advices to farmers, such as weather updates, when to do irrigation, measures to combat disease and pest attacks and nutrient management.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Drones being used in agriculture field
Drones being used in agriculture field

Small and marginal farmers can now avail free precision farming advisory based on remote sensing & satellite imagery and country level inputs provided by cultivators. ELAI, an Agritech startup will provide free precision agriculture advices to farmers, such as weather updates, when to do irrigation, measures to combat disease and pest attacks and nutrient management. 

Farmers who grow high value crops have enough resources to get precision farming tips, which is usually expensive but now all the farmers - big or small - will be able to make use of these services and get to increase their productivity. These advices are derived from data collected by sensors and IOT devices installed on their farms. Earlier the farmers had to visit Krishi Vigyan Kendras to get free advices on the management of their crops, now all they have to do is click a photograph of the plant and send it to get advice. This advisory is available in six languages. 

About ELAI

ELAI – an Agritech startup makes use of the power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and decades of agriculture experience aims to help farmers double their income. 

They conduct hyper- spectral imaging and use artificial intelligence, they have also built machine learning models that do the same things that IOT and sensor based companies are currently doing. ELAI has started working in parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat and is planning to expand their operations to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They have already helped 1800 farmers by offering them the crop advisory and expect to spread their app to around 1 lakh farmers in coming months. ELAI has established about 50 farm models, where its technologies have been applied. 

ELAI has partnered with APMC in Mahua, Gujarat to offer its 50000 members - ELAI application, so that they can avail the services. Although ELAI offers free services to farmers, its goal is to generate revenue from B2B customers such as corporations, financial institutions and government agencies. 

How to avail free services? 

To avail the free services the farmers must download the ELAI – application, add their farm coordinates and provide field level data including plant and farm images, to get specific advice. 

Services offered include: 

  • Live agronomist support

  • Soil health analysis

  • Plant and farm health

  • Early warning system for disease detection

  • Weather updates

  • Irrigation schedules

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