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Excess Rains May cause long term damage to the tea industry

Saumy Deepak Tripathi
Saumy Deepak Tripathi
Tea farmer

The excess rains in the monsoon have been quite a blessing for farmers this year with states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh getting 80-90 % more than normal rainfall. Majority of the farmers are involved in Rice cultivation has got optimum conditions to aim for record production.

But not all farmers are happy and one of the sectors that are being affected is the Tea sector. The tea plantations in Assam and Bengal have suffered heavily due to excessive rainfall in the region with estimates claiming that almost one-fifth of the total produce was affected. Another problem is that excessive rainfall can cause excessive damages to tea bushes which may have a long term effect and will affect production in the future.

According to the data from the Indian Meteorological Department said that the region has received was more than 40% compared to the previous year and with the monsoon maintaining its intensity things look bleak for the future.

The tea sellers are worried because they have sustained losses in the period between March to June due to COVID-19 and this loss will further affect their financial resources. Also this is one of the sectors which heavily employ women and the income they earn helps in their household where the men are also earning thus giving them more financial security and with these losses majority of them will see a drop in their incomes.

The tea Industry now has to overcome not only the losses incurred during the lockdown but also fulfill the global demand that has risen after lockdown are being lifted around the world

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