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Farmer From Mangaluru Builds Ropeway To Transfer Farm Produce

The farmer may easily convey his produce to his house's yard by using pulleys and an 8-mm iron cable rope linked to pillars.

Chintu Das
Ropeway To Transfer Farm Produce
Ropeway To Transfer Farm Produce

A modern farmer near Padre in Kasargod district has erected a ropeway to enable him transfer farm produce from the elevated region of his farmland to the yard of his house. 

According to farmer Sajamgadde Srihari Bhat, this is especially important since labour issue continues to plague the agriculture industry. 

He can easily transfer all of the agricultural produce to his house's yard using pulleys and an 8-mm iron cable rope linked to pillars. "Previously, I would carry all of the agricultural food collected on my head and rely on the assistance of labourers." "The ropeway saves time and energy, and it's simple to use," Bhat said. 

The ropeway is also used to convey fertiliser and manure from the houseyard to the farms.  The areca nut farm is located in an elevated area. About 50 kilos of areca nuts, packed in bags, are delivered to the house's yard without difficulty. 

"I went to see Gajanana Vaze, a progressive farmer from Mundaje in Belthangady, who had built a similar ropeway to convey rubber latex from the hilltop to the base," he added. He advised me on the tools I'd need to build this ropeway. Later, while looking for the essential equipment, I addressed junk traders in Mangaluru." 

"Two pulleys, clamps, and nine-foot-high iron pillars were used to construct the ropeway. For the ropeway, I had acquired an 8-mm thick iron cable. With the assistance of a nylon rope, one of the pulleys travels along the cable, while the other is attached to a structure in the yard. My friend  Saipangallu Murali also assisted me with the ropeway's construction. I've made it possible to go about the plantation by laying a route." 

The Rope System Can be modified 

"I can roam about the plantation and pick agricultural produce using a two-wheeler pulling cart." The ropeway is used to convey farm goods such as bananas, areca nuts, and other items. "The ropeway may also be adjusted to meet the needs of the farmers," he added. 

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