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Fishers Boom: ICAR-CMFRI Successfully Implements Seawood & Fish Project for SC Families

Saumy Deepak Tripathi
Saumy Deepak Tripathi

The Indian Institute of Agricultural Research (ICAR)-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has successfully managed to implement the Union Government’s Schedule Caste Sub plan project to empower them through the seaweed and marine ornamental fish farming in Puthukudi Village, Thondi, Thiruvadanai Talukin Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.

The Schedule Caste sub-plan is an umbrella strategy under the Scheduled Castes Development Bureau(SCSP) that aims to use developmental aspirations programs focused on enabling the communities to need to be developed. The scheme advocates for the development, research, and adaption of technology for improving the lives of economically backward Scheduled caste in rural and urban areas. It has always roped in scientists and technologists and has successfully managed to implement various schemes across the country.

The Mandapam Regional centre of the ICARCMFRI claims that the beneficiaries under this scheme have managed to earn an additional amount of 96000 Rs. annually just through seaweed farming and the institute hopes that the Ornamental Fish Seed Rearing project which is currently under progress will further create various sources of income for the families.

Under the Seaweed Farming Project of 28 fishers in 10 groups were selected for the farming of Kappaphycus alvarezii also called the elkhorn sea moss which is a kind of red algae. Each farmer was provided with 20 monoline unites each costing Rs.1600 each and the complete cost of 575 of such units was completely borne by the SCSP.

Under the Marine ornamental fish seed rearing project, a total of 18 fisherwomen in 6 groups were selected. They were provided initially with two sheds each of a size of 216 sq ft and also provided them with 600 clownfish of three different varieties. The fish can be sold after 30-45 days of rearing and it is estimated that a group can earn as much as Rs. 30000 a month. The scheme will also help the farmers to connect with the Seawood and ornamental fish market. The beneficiaries hope that the additional source of income will help in raising their standard of lives.


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