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Fruits, Vegetable sales in Delhi declines due to Farmers’ Protest

Protest by farmers of Punjab & Haryana that has blocked roadways on the outskirts of the capital and has affected the sales of fruits and vegetables by 30 per cent from a month ago at Delhi’s wholesale market.

Pritam Kashyap
A child selling vegetable in the market
A child selling vegetable in the market

Protest by farmers of Punjab & Haryana that has blocked roadways on the outskirts of the capital and has affected the sales of fruits and vegetables by 30 per cent from a month ago at Delhi’s wholesale market.  

Buyers from Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were unable to visit the mandi, hurting trade. 

Anil Malhotra, a member of the Azadpur mandi, said, "Vegetable sales are 30 per cent less than a month ago with buyers staying away from the mandi."  

Vegetable supplies from Delhi to northern and eastern states of India were now being routed via Gujarat and Rajasthan. Ram Baran of Shri Ram Trading Company in Azadpur mandi said, “Onion and potato supplies are directly going to Jammu& Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh from Gujarat.” 

The detour increasing transport freight and lack of trucks were also affecting business the sales of fruits and vegetables. 

Bhajan Singh, a vegetable trader of Bhajan Singh & Company said, “Sale of onion, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, garlic, and ginger to north Indian states have come down due to unavailability of trucks.” 

“Oversupply in the market is only leading to a drop in prices as buyers are less. Prices of tomatoes and peas have seen a 30 per cent drop in the last week to 20 a kg and 12 a kg, respectively. Carrot and cauliflower prices are down by over 50 per cent to 4-5 a kg and 1.5-2 a kg,” Malhotra added.   

Snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh to have led to drop in demand said Kinnow & Orange trader Deepak Dhawan at the Azadpur mandi. Prices have reduced by 15 per cent to 20-30 a kg in the past week, Dhawan further said. 

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