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Horticulture Department to provide Rs 40,000 to Farmers who want to do Organic Farming, Know how to avail it

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair

The District Horticulture Department has announced an incentive of Rs. 4,000 per hectare to promote natural agriculture in Madurai. The Central and State Governments are implementing various schemes to improve agriculture which is considered as the backbone of the country.

In particular, various incentives are offered to those who come forward to do organic farming not only for the benefit of the farmland but also for the health of the customers.

Horticulture Scheme

As part of this, an integrated horticulture development program is being implemented with the participation of the Central and State Governments. The project expands the area using high-value crops and high technology techniques such as vegetables, fruits, aromatic crops, flowers and mountain crops.

In Tamil Nadu, the project is being implemented in districts including Kanchipuram, Karur, Tiruvallur, Tuticorin, Madurai, Virudhunagar, Namakkal, Thiruvannamalai, Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam.

In addition, an incentive of Rs.4000 per hectare is provided to promote organic farming. Under this scheme, the pollinating breed, beehive and bee extractor have been sanctioned at 50 per cent subsidy and Rs 26.40 lakh has been allocated.

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50 per cent Subsidy

Under the individual water harvesting system species, 50 per cent subsidy is provided for species such as setting up water storage system, setting up a greenhouse, shade netting and mulch to enhance horticultural crop cultivation in a safe manner.

An amount of Rs.14.20 lakh has been earmarked under the Integrated Crop Protection and Nutrition Management category and Rs.14.20 lakh have been allocated under the 50 per cent subsidy for setting up of a stable earthworm fertilizer production system and vermicompost bed under the natural farming species.

An amount of Rs.13.60 lakh has been allocated to provide training at 100 per cent subsidy to farmers under Human Resource Development category. In order to carry out infrastructure facilities for post-harvest management, a low-cost onion storage depot and packing room are to be implemented at a subsidy of 50 per cent.

An allocation of Rs.11.25 lakh is to be made for a mobile vegetable cart with a subsidy to improve the market infrastructure facilities for horticultural crops.

How to benefit?

To join the scheme farmers need to provide:

  • copy of Aadhar card,
  • copy of family identity card,
  • small/marginal farmers certificate
  • land-related documents

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