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How Amazon is planning to transform India’s Agri-Scenario?

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

In a new move, world’s largest MNC Amazon is planning to transform India’s agriculture and healthcare using cloud computing and frontier technology, which will result in increased crop yield, better utilization of agriculture land, and streamlining trading for farmers, said Amazon official.  

In healthcare, Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd (AISPL), the domestic subsidiary of the Amazon Group, which resells and markets of AWS Cloud services -- wants to solve the problem of access, reduce fraud and make sure services reach to deserving communities. 

Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Amazon told in front of media, “Worldwide Public Sector of Amazon Web Services. “I think that we can really do a lot (in agriculture)... helping not only with business tools and technology but also creating a potential Innovation Centre here to support agriculture, which I am committed to doing that”.  

Bringing technology into farming, it will transform India, said the VP of Amazon. 

After all, 50 percent of the country’s employment comes from agriculture, but its contribution to the gross domestic product is only 17.32 percent. Technology can bring down the gap. 

“How do you make sure that the three seasons of crops you have throughout the year are the best in trading, that you get them out to market when they are fresh and ready, (and) how to use IoT, weather predictors and any technology that can change the way farmers can act and interact,” Carlson added. 

Carlson even met with Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar early of September and told to reporters that they talked for about an hour and 25 minutes about farming and agriculture here in India, and the opportunities and challenges. 

Moreover, Carlson is often known as the Renaissance Woman in technology in the US. Her role in AWS is to have dialogues with kings and queens, politicians and bureaucrats to transform governments and countries using AWS technology.  

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