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ICAR Develops a New Jumbo Nut Hybrid Cashew Breed to Boost Farmers' Income

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
New Jumbo Hybrid Cashew

The scientists of the Directorate of Cashew Research under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in Puttur, Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka have released a new jumbo hybrid cashew breed called Nethra Jumbo-1.

Nethra Jumbo-1

There are many varieties of cashews are grown in the coastal areas of Karnataka. However, the largest & finest breeds are exported to many countries. Nethra Jumbo-1, the latest variety, is expected to reduce the burden off growers and increase their income.

This new variety of cashew cultivated by the Directorate of Cashew Research bears fruits by January which is ahead of the season while general cashews reach the market by March-May. Early arrival in the market means a better price is a well know success formula so it is a win either way and could save about Rs 16,000 a ton on labor cost and a premium of Rs 10,000 for a bigger size of nut yield.

As per the Principal Scientist of the directorate Dr. J Dinakara Adiga, Ninety cashews nuts of this variety make a kilogram while other breeds need 160 nuts to reach a kilo. It reduces the amount of labor for harvest & processing to half. Therefore, farmers can earn additional revenue of Rs 26,000 for every tonne of cashew cultivated. This breed can survive well and maintains yield under rain-fed horticultural crops.

As of now, the trees are grown on the campus of the institute which is bearing healthy fruits, and saplings of the same will be distributed to farmers very soon. Officials informed that several growers have already approached them for saplings.

Major Benefits to Cultivators:

Since the Nethra Jumbo-1 nut is bigger in size, it can drive huge benefits to the farmers. “This variety produces a 12-gram nut with a high kernel recovery of 29 percent and the kernels fall under grade larger (W130) than presently available highest export grade (W180)” said Dr. Adiga.

As per the present situation, around 40 percent of the total expenditure in cashew cultivation is spent on harvesting through the picking of fallen nuts. Since Nethra Jumbo-1, bigger nut size compared to general nuts, processors can pay around Rs 10 more per kg. So, it may also improve processing efficiency in the factory.

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