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Indian Institute of Spices Research gets national recognition for its Organic farming model

The unified model on farming and packages on organic cultivation presented by the Indian Institute of Spices Research has led the organisation in becomming the Best Center of All India Network Programme on Organic Farming (AI-NPOF) under ICAR for the year 2020.

Chintu Das
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The unified model on farming and packages on organic cultivation presented by the Indian Institute of Spices Research is ending up being a fruitful model among the farming community as well as research people all over the nation. 

The effective application of the organic cultivation technique, along with the packages on organic cultivation and test cultivation has helped IISR in becoming the Best Center of All India Network Programme on Organic Farming (AI-NPOF) under ICAR for the year 2020. 

This project on organic cultivation created by the Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research centers around advancing organic farming of crops related to spices with the assistance of several research establishments. Since 2012, IISR has been an important part of the Organic Farming project. To aid the project, an unified farm has been set up at the Chelavoor Campus as a component of the Integrated Organic Farming System (IFS). 

Unified farm: 

As indicated by the researchers of IISR, the unified farm inter-cross crops like coconut trees with turmeric, custard, banana, fodder grasses and cow pea and furthermore oversee cattle to guarantee the availability of cow dung as natural fertilizer. This farm IISR has been set up by IISR as an introductory model farm for poor and insignificant farmers who need to produce a fair pay alongside guaranteeing food crops for family use. 

IFS has 2 Holstein Friesians breed cows and calves and 1 jersey cow as its part. Apart from that, IFS also rears other breeds such as Kasaragod dwarf and Vechoor. The milk received from the cows are sold to the general public via milk counter. IFS can also sell food crops from generating income. The scientists from the institute claim that IIFS has generated a total profit of around 1.3 lakh rupees from a single acre of the farm. 

All these organic and natural activities are presented by a group including CK Thankamani (Principal Investigator), S Shanmughavel. V Srinivasan, S Sarathambal  and R Praveena, that assisted the organization in getting the honor. Also the part of the establishment in promoting natural organic bundles throughout the farming people additionally assisted the group with getting the honor. The fruitful show of natural turmeric development with the assistance of ladies Self Help Group under Kavunthara cooperative bank additionally helped the organization. 

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