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Israeli Envoy shares positive views on India’s new farm bills

Prity Barman
Prity Barman

Last month the three Farm bills were passed by both the houses and as well as the President too, which created a lot of protest around the nation leaded by many of the opposition parties like Congress, AAP and also the various farmer’s association.

The whole protest and strike conducted by the farmer’s and trade unions were solely because of the thought that these bills would hamper the farmer’s more and would only benefit the trade companies. In a way the protest was accusing the ruling government for the same.

Recently India’s PM Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israel’s Prime Minister since 2009, had a meet where they looked into the various initiatives in the field of Agriculture, Water and innovation sectors of the respective nations.

Ron Malka Israel’s ambassador to India said on his interview with PTI that the new Farm bills would certainly help the farmer’s more in the coming years. Citing his own experiences with the agriculture sector visit of India Malka also claimed that initially the farmer’s might face difficulties in working due to the habitual practice of the same routine it might be bit of a task to abide by the new rules. However, in the long run farmers of India would earn the profit they deserve.

Malka also said that the new farm bills would further benefit both the nation in building a strong trade relationship too considering the fact that agriculture sector acts as a binder to the India- Israel partnership.

In Israel as claimed by Malka there’s no third party seller in between the farmer and his customer with the help of online portals, which makes the whole process more easy and profitable for both the farmers and the consumers. Similarly once the law is amended in India the farmers would be able to sell whatever they produce and the fresh produce would directly be brought by the consumers and with slight changes in to the Israeli digitalized platforms the people of India can also benefit for the same.

As India is an agriculture based nation Israel’s delegate Ron Malka also claimed that both the nation would be able to create potential associations.

At present, around 1, 47,000 farmers have been trained in such Indo-Israel collaboration where the farmer’s benefit from centers which showcase the agriculture practices and various technologies to help the farmers to get informed more.

On asking about his views on the present reasons of protest against the bills saying that the bills would only help the corporate and won’t give the farmers ample benefits Malka denied the facts with huge disagreement.

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