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Karnataka Government Announces Power Subsidy For Coffee Cultivation

Coffee farmers were demanding power subsidies which were ignored and neglected earlier. Now Karnataka CM announced the subsidy for Coffee estates.

Shivani Meena
Karnataka CM announced power supply
Karnataka CM announced power supply

The Karnataka government has said that up to ten HP pump sets installed in coffee estates in Kodagu would get subsidized power. Basavaraj Bommai, the state's chief minister, decided during the zero hours at the state Legislative Assembly. Appachu Ranjan, a Kodagu MLA had raised a request for this.

Coffee producers want free electricity supply

Kodagu coffee producers have been seeking free electricity supply for up to ten HP pump sets placed on coffee estates around the area. While the state had provided assurances, they had not been sanctioned. MLA Appachu Ranjan addressed the matter during the Zero Hour of the legislative session on Tuesday, and he was joined by MLAs KG Bopaiah, CT Ravi, and Kumarswamy.

C T Ravi, a Chikkamagaluru MLA, backed him up, saying that there is an idea that coffee growers are rich and can afford power. "This isn't true in reality since many of them are in debt," he pointed out.

The legislators said that the district provided the state with Cauvery water, but that it had been neglected. They said that while tobacco and areca nut plants are eligible for electricity subsidies, coffee plants have been ignored.

"Power subsidies extended by the state are growing every year, and it adds up to Rs 12,000 to Rs 14,000 crore," CM Basavaraj Bomai stated after these discussions. However, we recognize the difficulties faced by coffee farmers, and after consulting with the electricity minister and other ministers.

The state will provide a subsidy for the power supply of up to 10 HP pump sets placed in coffee estates. However, terms and conditions will be made public to prevent misuse."

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