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Kisan Farm Pond Scheme: Farmers Can Get up to Rs.90,000 to Build a Pond

M Kanika
M Kanika
Kisan Farm Pond Scheme
Kisan Farm Pond Scheme

Rajasthan is one of the agricultural states, which is facing huge water crisis. Water scarcity is the main problem of the farmers of Rajasthan. To solve this issue, the government has started ‘Kisan Farm Pond Scheme’ under which eligible farmer can get financial help up to Rs 90,000.

With this government support, farmers can build a pond to collect rain water in their respective fields. So, that whenever they need, they can use that water for the agricultural work.

There are two types of support under the ‘Kisan Farm Pond Scheme’. First one is about a complete new pond, where water can be collected up to 1200 cubic meters. Another one is that the pond should be prepared by the farmers in which the rain water is collected, and in this way the water can be saved for a long period of time. This means, the farmer who gets the help of this scheme will not face any water crisis for irrigation in their field.

Who will get Help?

The officials of Agriculture Department, Rajasthan have given 60% of the cost to all categories of farmers (along with this the additional grant of the 10% of cost is payable from State Head) or the maximum amount of Rs. 63, 000 on the new farm pond & Rs.90, 000 with the plastic lining work (300 microns as per the BIS norms) the lesser grant will be payable.

Who is Eligible for help?

  • The Minimum cultivable holding land should be 0.3 hectare in the name of a farmer. Such farmers are eligible for this scheme, who has been cultivating on the land under the lease agreement for at least 7 years.

  • Required Documents.

  • The documents required for the above scheme is:

  • Aadhar Card.

  • Bhamasha Card.

  • Land Identity Card (Khata Khesra).

  • Bank Account Number.

  • Copy of a Jamabandi (Not more than 6 months old).

  • Affidavit will have to be given on a plain paper along with details about how much irrigated & unirrigated land is with applicant farmer.

  • In case of the joint account holder, on the basis of a mutual consent, the co-ledger will be entitled to the grant for making separate farm ponds in same measles only if the share per farmers is more than 1hectare.

Application Process 

  • Farmers can apply by visiting their nearest Citizen Service Center or E-Mitra Center. 

  • Submit original signed application along with documents to Kiosk.

  • The applicant will fill the original application form in online e-form.

  • Scan and upload the required documents.

  • Receipt for the online submission of application form will be available online.

  • The applicant will send original documents personally through the post to office of the concerned Agriculture Department.

  • The receipt of this will be given from department office.

Whom to Contact? 

  • To get the advantage of the above scheme, a Farmer can contact the concerned agriculture office at the district level.

  • The Agriculture supervisor can be talk with the gram Panchayats.

  • Contact the Assistant Agriculture Officer at the Panchayat Samiti level.

  • At the district level, Deputy Direct of Agriculture or Deputy Director, Horticulture can also talk.

  • You can also contact the government of Rajasthan through their official website via: https://rajasthan.gov.in/Pages/default.aspx  

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