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Madhya Pradesh Tops the Chart in Area Under Natural Farming

Of India's total 38 lakh hectares of natural farming, 17.31 lakh hectares are under cultivation in Madhya Pradesh alone.

Chintu Das
Natural Farming
Natural Farming

Madhya Pradesh's farmer welfare and agriculture minister recently told a meeting convened by Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar that of India's total 38 lakh hectares of natural farming, 17.31 lakh hectares are under cultivation in Madhya Pradesh alone.

The meeting also included agriculture ministers from other states. Patel informed the meeting that Madhya Pradesh has over half of the entire area under natural agricultural crops, making it the leader among other states. Madhya Pradesh has set a goal of adding another one lakh hectares this year, according to Patel, and the state's chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has established a natural agriculture development board.

In February, the state administration decided to practice natural farming along the Narmada, which is considered the state's lifeline, based on a proposal in the Union budget to encourage chemical-free farming along the Ganga.

The decision was taken during a meeting of ministers and top officials, which was led by the Chief Minister. It was agreed to undertake a special effort to promote natural farming on both sides of the Narmada for a 5-kilometer span.

On April 26, it was decided to establish the 'Madhya Pradesh Natural Agriculture Development Board' as an autonomous organisation with state government funding to expand the use of natural farming in Madhya Pradesh. The initiative also attempted to encourage and guide farmers to adopt natural agricultural practices. The government resolved at the meeting to form an apex body led by the chief minister and a task force headed by the chief secretary to oversee and review the Madhya Pradesh Natural Agriculture Development Board at the state level.

About Natural Farming

Natural farming is a method in which agricultural practices are guided by natural laws. This strategy works in tandem with the natural biodiversity of each farmed area, allowing the complexity of living species, both flora, and fauna, that create each ecosystem to thrive alongside food plants.

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