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Monsoon 2020: Do These Things to Boost Crop Productivity in Uttarakhand

Hitul Awasthi
Hitul Awasthi

Most of the area in Uttarakhand is under forests and wastelands. Soil fertility of tarai region is very good and it supports various crops. But, indiscriminate use of chemicals and over exploitation of groundwater is degrading the soil quality of this region.   

Most of the agriculture in the state is rainfed. Farmers, generally adopts two types of agricultural practices i.e. the rainfed and the irrigated agriculture.  

Districts like Udham Singh Nagar, Haridwar, Nainital (plain) and Dehradun (plain) have high productivity, while in hilly areas, it is very low.  

There are ample of opportunities for increasing production and productivity, post-harvest technologies, strengthening of market interventions, and use of farm machinery to make the agriculture more profitable occupation in Uttarakhand. 

Advisory for increasing Paddy cultivation

  1. Important varieties for TaraiBhabhar, and Plain area are Narendra-359, HKR-47, PR-113 and 114; Pant Dhan– 10, 12, 19, 24, and 26; Pant Sughandha Dhan – 15, 17 and 27; Pusa Basmati 1121, 1509; Pant Basmati 1 and 2 
  2. Time of nursery sowing is 2ndforthnight of May to 1st week of June and transplanting time is June end to 1st week of July 
  3. Varieties recommended for irrigated hills are VL Dhan-85, Vivek Dhan-82, VL Dhan-68, Pant Dhan11 and 12; Pusa Basmati 1509, Govind, VL 65. 
  4. For Mid-hills nursery sowing time is 1stfortnight May and Tranplanting time is 2nd fortnight of June 

 Crop advisory for increasing Maize production

  1. Recommended Sankulvarieties for TaraiBhabhar, and plain area are Pant Sankul Makka-3, SwetaBajaura Makka-1, Vivek Sankul-11 
  2. Important hybrids are Pant Popcorn 1, VL Amber Popcorn
  3. Fodder varieties are African Tall
  4. Sowing time is mid-June to mid-July
  5. Advisory for increasing production of Pulses
  1. Blackgramvarieties are Pant Urd 19, 31, 35, 40 for TaraiBabhar and lower hills 
  2. Sowing time for Blackgramis 3rd week of July to 1st week of August in plain areas and from 2nd fortnight of June in valley 
  3. Greengramvarieties for TaraiBabhar and hills are Pant Moong 2, 5, and 8 
  4. Sowing time for Greengramis last week of July to 2nd week of August in plain areas and 2nd fortnight of June in valley 
  5. Arharvarieties for plain and hill areas are Pant Arhar – 2 and 291, UPAS 120, VL Arhar 1, Pant Arhar-6  
  6. Sowing time for Arharis upto mid-June in plain, and mid-April to mid-May in hill 

 Hill agriculture is a very important activity in India. Due to harsh climate and undulating topography, the study of this agriculture system becomes very interesting. Majority of mountain people depends on agriculture activities for their livelihood. Providing updates digitally helps in improving the crop productivity in hilly areas and keeps farmers updated with the latest technologies. 

 (Source: ICAR) 


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