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Monsoon 2020: Important Tips for Farmers to Increase Crop Productivity in Arunachal Pradesh

Hitul Awasthi
Hitul Awasthi

Arunachal Pradesh became a full-fledged state on February 20, 1987. The state is endowed with rich natural resources and environment, that support cultivation of around 70 crop species. Noteworthy is that, around 80% of crop production in state is through organic farming. 

Jhum cultivation is widely practiced in the state. This cultivation method requires around 20-30 years rotation cycle but increasing population pressure has reduced this cycle to 3-6 years. Main crops cultivated under jhum cultivation system are upland paddy, maize, finger millets, beans, tapioca, yam, banana, sweet potato, ginger, cotton, tobacco, chillies, sesame and vegetables. After cultivating land for 2-3 years, it is left fallow for regeneration. 

Advisory for increasing paddy production

1. May-June period in very critical for selection of right type of varieties and nursery raising of seedling 

2. Important long duration HYVs are CAU-R2, CAU-R3, semi deep water paddy CAU-R4. Sowing in nursery beds can be carried out in June and 30-35 days old seedling, can be transplanted during July

3. In areas where transplanting in time is not possible, farmers can select some staggered planting varieties which can  be planted with 30 to 60 days old seedlings

4. Select good quality seeds and treat with bavistin@ 2.5 g/L of water 

5. Nursery bed should be 10m in length and 1.25m in breadth with 30cm gap in between two beds.

6. In each bed of 10m × 1.25m, add 20-30 g of FYM, 80g urea, 80g SSP and 40g MOP

7. Well germinated seeds are to be sown in nursery bed @ 650-1,000 g per bed

8. Maintain atleast2-3 cm deep water for atleast 2-3 days, before uprooting seedlings 

9. Apply fertilizer @ 132 kg urea, 125 kg SSP, and 66 kg MOP per hectare for semi-dwarf varieties, while, for tall varieties it is 44 kg urea, 62 kg SSP and 16 kg MOP per hectare

10. For short duration varieties apply half of urea and whole of SSP and MOP at time of final puddling, and rest urea should be applied at panicle initiation stage

11. In case of medium and long duration varieties, apply half of urea and whole of SSP and MOP  at final puddling and remaining urea in two split doses at tilleringand half panicle stage 

12. In neck blast endemic areas , apply Tricyclazole 75 WP @ 6g/10 L of water, at early heading or late booting stage

Advisory for increasing Sugarcane productivity

1. Earthing up and filling of trenches/furrows within 45 to 60 days after planting

2. Apply 200kg urea and 50kg MOP per hectare during earthing up

3. To prevent stem borer attack, follow burying/burning of infested canes

Advisory for increasing productivity of Maize and fodder crops

1. Recommended varieties of maize are HQPM-1, RCM1-75

2. Earthing up should be done at 40-45 days after sowing, in maize

3. Important fodder crops are Dinanath, Maize fodder, Teosinte, Hybrid Napier, Setariagrass, Guinea grass, Cowpea, Rice bean etc 

Advisory for Horticultural crops

1. Pineapple varieties recommended to be planted in May-June are Queen and Kewcan

2. Select well-drained and sandy loam soil for Banana cultivation

3. Apply 5%  neem oil in form of spray, to manage brinjal fruit borer

4. In case of infestation of orange trunk borer, take cotton soaked with petrol and insert into the hole

5. Maize crop can be mixed with pumpkin, bitter gourd, cucumber

6. For chilly cultivation, treat seeds with Trichoderma viride@ 4g/kg 

Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with natural resources, thus it becomes our responsibility to use them efficiently and in a sustainable manner. Awareness among farmers about improved agricultural practices can help in sustainable development of the state. 

Source – ICAR 

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