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Nabard To Launch ‘Jiva’ To Rejuvenate Life In Agricultural Fields

According to Chairman GR Chintala, "it's about developing a system where no more harm can be done to the soil."

Chintu Das
Paddy Crop
Paddy Crop

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) is implementing Jiva (life) alongside its network of non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders in rural areas to revitalise 'life' around agriculture. 

What is Jiva

"Jiva is about reviving the earth, bringing life to the agricultural fields, and making use of natural resources." Nabard Chairman GR Chintala told, "We have developed watersheds, assuring water security for 2.5 million hectares of agriculture." 

Now that water security has been established, the question is whether the soil has been enriched, whether microbial activity in the soils has been maintained, and whether farmers are following suitable agricultural methods. "Jiva is about establishing a system in which no further harm to the soil or nature can be done," he explained. 

To implement this programme, Nabard is enlisting the help of its network of NGOs and other stakeholders. In Maharashtra, a training programme is being held to educate stakeholders. 

According to him, the Nabard promotes integrated farming in various sections of the country. "A farmer's livelihood cannot be based just on a single crop." He can't leave the sale of the produce up to the market forces. He should be able to rely on a variety of crops," he stated. 

"We created a movement that revolved around it." Bank loans are channelled through our finances. Under this initiative, even tiny farmers with a little plot of land can access financing to grow horticultural fruits like pomegranate," he said. 

NABARD’s Assistance to PACS 

The Nabard is extending a new line of support to the Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS), which are facing a severe financial crisis. "The PACS must be resurrected from their dormancy. To supplement their financial resources, we are urging them to become multi-service societies," stated Nabard Chairman

The Nabard is lending them up to Rs. 2 crore to help them fine-tune their operations. The apex rural bank has approved loans to almost 3,500 PACS. It has also devised a plan to computerise PACS. "It's at a very advanced stage." "As soon as we have government approval, we'll roll it out," he stated. 

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