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PM Kisan FPO Yojana: Farmers will Get Rs. 15 lakh Financial Help and Many Other Benefits under This Scheme

To improve the economic condition of the farmers and to promote agriculture, the government is running several schemes and programmes.

Pritam Kashyap

To improve the economic condition of the farmers and to promote agriculture, the government is running several schemes and programmes.  One such scheme is PM Kisan FPO Yojana, run by the Central Government, in which financial assistance of Rs 15 lakh is given to a farmers’ organization for agriculture purpose. 

With this loan or assistance, they can easily buy agricultural equipment, fertilizer and seeds etc. So, lets know about the details of this scheme and how can you take advantage of it?

Registration of PM Kisan FPO Yojana will have to be done in the Companies Act. To get the benefit of this scheme, the farmer producer organization (FPO) has to be registered under the Companies Act.  Only then can you get money from the government. For this, at least 11 farmers will have to form their own agricultural company. After this, the organization will have to connect more farmers with itself. If this organization of 11 farmers works in the plain area, then they will have to involve at least 300 farmers with them. At the same time, an organization with a hilly region will have to add 100 farmers. 

Special features of PM Kisan FPO scheme: 

1. Farmers associated with the organization will be able to buy fertilizers, seeds, medicines and agricultural equipment.  

2. FPO will spend Rs. 6,865 crore on the scheme by 2024.  

3. The monetary funds provided by the central government to the farmer's organization will be provided within three years.  

4. Middlemen will not be bothered by reaching the amount directly to the farmers.  

5. You can apply online or offline for the project. Although the registration process has not started yet, the government will start it soon. 

Benefits of the Scheme

Under this scheme, the farmers of the country will also have other types of benefits like the farmers associated with the organizations formed will get the market for their produce. Farmers will be able to buy essential items like fertilizer, seeds, medicines and agricultural implements through this scheme.  

The farmer from any part of the country can easily take advantage of this scheme. 

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