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PM Kusum Yojana: Get 75% Govt. Subsidy for Installation of 50,000 Solar Pumpsets

The central government has given a target to Haryana to install 22,000 solar pumps this year, out of which 13,800 work, is in progress. Applicants can get upto 75% subsidy for irrigation

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Solar Pump
Solar Pump

The Haryana government has made a concerted effort to conserve water and electricity. Micro-irrigation is being preferred instead of traditional tube wells, solar pumpsets, and the classic irrigation pattern. The state administration has set a goal of installing 50,000 solar pumpsets by the end of the year.

While providing solar pumps to farmers in Chandigarh, Chief Minister Manohar Lal provided detailed information. He stated that work on installing 13,800 pumpsets this year is now underway. You can also get a Solar Pump Subsidy for irrigation at a 75% discount under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Utthan Mahabhiyan, i.e, PM-KUSUM Scheme.

According to the Chief Minister, the state has roughly 80 lakh acres of arable land. Irrigation is used to water 75% of the land. For irrigation, the rest of the land must rely on rain. He claimed that the agriculture sector provides farmers with a subsidy of almost Rs.6500 crore per year.

Solar energy will help lower the amount of money spent on subsidies and save water. Farmers will save money on diesel as a result of this, and their revenue will rise as well. Farmer can apply for a subsidy to install solar pumps by filling out an online application by visiting its official website.

How Many Solar Pumps Have Been Installed So Far?

According to CM, there were minimal efforts in the sector of solar energy until 7 years back. There were just 492 solar pumps installed. The current administration took it seriously. For this, a road map has been created. 25,897 solar pumpsets have been deployed in the last 7 years. The government is subsidizing these pumps to the tune of 75%. The Chief Minister also distributed the Solar Water Pumping Program handbook as well as a utility booklet for farmers.

Convert Electricity to Solar Energy

The Chief Minister ordered that tube wells with less than 50 horsepower should be used for agriculture. He ordered the District's Deputy Commissioners to launch a special campaign to promote the Micro Irrigation Scheme. For example, the government's intention to provide water to every farm in the country. Make people aware that instead of open irrigation, they should use micro-irrigation, drip irrigation, spray irrigation, or watering from communal ponds.

CM Manohar Lal Interacted With Farmers

Manohar Lal said that the central government has given a target to install 22,000 solar pumps this year. This is being completed. On this occasion, he interacted with women farmers Krishna and Trilok Singh of Hisar, who installed solar pumps, and Shashi Ahuja and Isaak Khan from Nuh.

He inquired about the scheme in detail from him. During the conversation, the farmers apprised the Chief Minister that they had to spend only 25% of the amount; the remaining money was given by the government.

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