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Scientists Develop Low-Cost Pedal-Operated Maize Shelling Machine

To promote farmers' income and new technologies in agriculture, scientists of agricultural universities are constantly working. Under which, apart from the development of high yielding varieties, new agricultural machines are also being developed by the scientists.

Ayushi Raina
maize granulation machine  Source
maize granulation machine Source

Agricultural university scientists are continually trying to increase farmer’s income by developing new agricultural technology. Scientists are working on new agricultural machinery in addition to developing high-yielding cultivars under this initiative.

Recently, scientists from Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (HAU) have received a design patent from the Government of India for a pedal-operated maize sheller invented by the university. 

This modern machine developed for extracting maize seeds requires just one person to operate and has no difficulty transporting from one location to another due to its weight of about 50 kg with wheels attached. 

Farmers will be able to extract a large number of seeds at a lower cost 

Its application will be extremely beneficial for the small & marginal farmers. This machine will assist in the processing of maize seed as the grain extracted by it is just one percent broken down and its hourly efficiency varies from 55 to 60 kg.

Previously, this operation was done manually by four to five farmers, which took more time and effort, and a person could only extract 15 to 20 kg of grains in an hour, and the grains were breaking more. 

This machine is simple to operate for farmers 

According to Dr. Ravi Gupta, Head of the Department of Processing and Food Engineering, if the seed is not removed on time when the maize is ready, there may be a problem of fungal and other infections in the crop. Farmers may experience financial losses as a result, but with the assistance of this machine, maize can be extracted on time and stored without any difficulty. In addition, farmers can earn profit during the off season by producing and selling value-added maize products. Apart from that, this machine requires no electricity and may be used by anyone with no special training. 

Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh of the College's processing and Food Engineering Department together with retired Dr. Mukesh Garg developed this machine. In the year 2019, they applied for a design for this machine. The tremendous work put in by the scientists of HAU has resulted in the university's continued success. 

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