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Tamil Nadu announces Rs 61.09 crore Paddy Cultivation Package for Growers

M K Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, announced a Rs 61.09 crore Kuruvai paddy cultivation scheme for over two lakh delta farmers on Thursday, with the goal of increasing the area under this short-term crop.

Chintu Das
Paddy Cultivation
Paddy Cultivation

M K Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, announced a Rs 61.09 crore Kuruvai paddy cultivation scheme for over two lakh delta farmers on Thursday, with the goal of increasing the area under this short-term crop. Farmers in Thanjavur, Nagapattinam, Mayiladuthurai, and Thiruvarur districts, as well as those in CuddaloreAriyalur, and Tiruchirappalli districts, will profit from the initiative, which will increase acreage beyond the projected 3.5 lakh acres this season. 

The state government is announcing this package after a three-year hiatus, and the initiative will benefit the 2.07 lakh farmers in the Cauvery delta who engage in kuruvai (short-term) cultivation. 

To aid Kuruvai paddy production, the chief minister opened the flood gates of the Stanley reservoir at Mettur on June 12, the customary date for opening the dam. Also water from Kallanai was released on June 16 for irrigation of farmlands in the Cauvery delta region. 

"It is projected that this year's cultivation would exceed the benchmark of 3.5 lakh acres," an official release said on Thursday, citing the reason to be the opening of the Mettur dam and the announcement of this package. 

Subsidized inputs, including 2,870 tonnes of certified paddy seeds, would be distributed to farmers to help them grow the crop on 1.9 lakh acres. "They will also receive totally subsidised chemical fertiliser and green manure seedlings for 24,000 acres," according to the press statement. 

"To help with this, the government has set aside Rs 50 crore for input distribution and Rs 11.09 crore for subsidised machinery for farmers and the construction of farm ponds to make better use of water," the chief minister said in a statement. 

This season, the acreage of short-term Kuruvai crop production will be increased to 3.5 lakh acres, up from the typical 3.2 acres, he said. 

The state agricultural department has reportedly stocked sufficient numbers of seeds, chemical fertilisers, bio-fertilisers, micronutrient fertilisers, and other input materials. 

Kuruvai crop was raised on 1.69 lakh acres of land thanks to these efforts until June 14, and preparations are being taken to build nursery and begin transplantation, he said. 

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