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Technological Advancements in Agriculture are Providing New Career Opportunities in Agri Sector

In terms of agriculture, India has made enormous progress throughout the years. The country has become self-sufficient in food. Despite the fact that agriculture has become one of the most profitable industries in the world, there is still a global food crisis.

Kritika Madhukar
The AgriTech market potential in India was more than $2.4 billion in FY2020
The AgriTech market potential in India was more than $2.4 billion in FY2020

The global population is predicted to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, owing to the rapid population growth. The food business is now faced with the difficult task of making ends meet. Agriculture employs more than 27% of the worldwide workforce, with India's agriculture sector employing over 152 million people as of FY 2021.

Here, innovative agricultural technologies (AgriTech) are allowing the agriculture sector to thrive in India and around the world, while also helping to meet the demands of an ever-increasing population. Agriculture Technology (AgriTech) is a branch of new innovative agriculture technology developed to raise the efficiency and yield of agricultural processes in simple terms.

AgriTech encompasses a variety of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT), all of which aim to grow more food with fewer inputs, lower costs, and save time. The global AgriTech market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 12.1 percent to more than $41,000 million by 2027, up from over $17,500 million in 2019. The country's AgriTech business had been humming.

Significantly growing. The AgriTech market potential in India was more than $2.4 billion in FY2020, adding a GVA of 56 percent, and is predicted to reach a value of $24 billion by 2025. Another analysis estimates that by 2025, the market would be worth $35 billion. Over the years, the Agri Tech field has piqued the curiosity of many entrepreneurs, engineers, and venture capitalists.

Some of the AgriTech occupations that will be in high demand in the future are listed below.

Food Scientist/Analysts

Food scientists endeavor to discover new foods, analyze the nutritional value of existing meals, and develop ways to make processed foods healthier and safer. Simply said, food scientists use scientific ideas and technological applications to improve existing food products as well as develop new ones.


Surface water is an important concern for hydrologists. They study the physical properties, distribution, and circulation of surface and subsurface water, as well as provide clean and safe water to people all over the world. A hydrologist's responsibilities also include environmental protection and sustainability.

Drone Technologists 

Increasing efficiency has been easier because of the usage of robotics, sensors, and aerial photographs. Drone experts offer advice to farmers on how to decrease crop damage and enhance output.


They are the ones who make the connection between agriculture and technology. Crop doctors are another term for agronomists. They strive to provide useful and scientific information.

Soil control, agricultural yield, and soil management are all improved with these strategies. They also research to improve plant nutrition and assess soil health.

Advocates and Communicators for Agriculture

Every industry requires someone to produce, develop, and share tales to facilitate the formation of relationships, the exchange of ideas, and much more.

Agriculture communicators and advocates are science communicators who work primarily to communicate and engage with people about issues relating to agriculture.

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