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Govt. Introduces Atta-Masala Mill Scheme, Will Provide Employment To Over 2000 Women

The flour-masala mill scheme in Uttar Pradesh seeks to employ around 2000 women.

Chintu Das
UP CM, Yogi Adityanath
UP CM, Yogi Adityanath

The Uttar Pradesh government completed the draft of the Atta-masala mill project on Saturday in order to elevate women from poor sections of society. The scheme intends to give job opportunities to around 2000 women.

In the next five years, the BJP, which has established the administration in the state for the second time, will focus on women living in poverty. According to an official press release from the Chief Minister's office, efforts will be made to find them employment and link them with self-employment options.

The current administration has completed the draft of the Atta-masala mill scheme for this purpose. The Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation would begin disbursing benefits under this programme to women on a war footing as soon as the government is formed.

Women will be granted a grant to start a flour and spice mill as part of a scheme. Women will be given assistance in putting up a flour-masala mill in this project. It further stated that in addition to providing work possibilities, it would strengthen them so that they could care for their families and friends.

"First and foremost, 125 women per district would be benefited under the government's scheme in the districts of the state's 18 divisional headquarters." By joining the scheme, a total of 2250 women would be able to start their own flour-masala mill. For the establishment of the unit, each woman would be granted Rs 20,000. "10,000 rupees will be supplied as a grant, and the balance will be granted as an interest-free loan from special central assistance," according to the press release.

This scheme will be implemented as a pilot project in two districts, with 17 women as beneficiaries. Preparations for linking women to the plan will begin more quickly in the other districts, according to the statement.

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