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Vertical Gardens Wilt Without Care, Drip Irrigation System Installed for Maintenance

Vertical Garden on Flyover pillars in Chennai has started wilting due to a lack of upkeep and maintenance. A drip irrigation system was installed for the irrigation of plants.

Shivani Meena
Vertical Garden are getting destroyed without proper care and maintenance
Vertical Garden are getting destroyed without proper care and maintenance

Vertical gardens planted on the pillars of municipal flyovers have begun to wilt due to a lack of upkeep and care. To irrigate the garden, a drip irrigation system was installed. However, the plants are already wilting due to a lack of water. 

Under the Smart City scheme, the local council first developed the vertical garden on the GN Chetty Road flyover. It was then expanded to 14 more flyovers around the city. The National Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal and retrofitting initiative from the Government of India to develop smart cities around the country that are both citizen-friendly and sustainable.

Smart cities prioritize their most pressing demands and possibilities to enhance people's lives. To make a difference, they employ a variety of strategies, including digital and information technologies, best practices in urban planning, public-private partnerships, and policy reform.  

The withering plants in the garden beside Music Academy at the TTK Road-Dr Radhakrishnan Salai junction, as well as those on the GN Chetty Road flyover, are now an eyesore. 

"To keep the plants functioning, the company works closely with local businesses to maintain them. Initially, they were properly maintained. However, everything appears to have come to an end now said - "K Salman, a trader on TTK Road. 

Aside from their aesthetic value, the civic body marketed these gardens as local lung spaces in the city. 

"While people were putting posters on flyover pillars, the gardens had significantly addressed the issue. Because of the inadequate upkeep of these gardens, the posters may make a comeback on the pillars "V Murali, a Nungambakkam resident, stated. 

Meanwhile, company executives denied any lack of maintenance on their part. "Because the plants are infected, they are being removed." "They will be replaced with new plants," stated M S Prashanth, Deputy Commissioner. 

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