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West Bengal Government to launch series of protest against Farm Bills

From Tuesday morning CM of West Bengal would be holding a protest against the farm bills condemning the proposition passed by the central govt inside the Rajya Sabha.

Prity Barman
CM Mamta Banerjee
CM Mamta Banerjee

On 20th September, 2020 two farm bills were introduced in the Rajya Sabha which created a huge commotion amongst the opposition and the ruling party.

The farm bill as claimed by the Central, was introduced in order to improve the nations farmers overall condition. As mentioned by the central govt. the income of the farmer’s would double by the year of 2022. Apart from this the bill also claims to provide the farmers with their own benefits like selling their farm produce to whoever they want to and would also allow them to get in to business with big Agriculture firms.

The bill still has been facing huge opposition from several political parties and farm boards.

On Monday, Derek O’ Brien and Dola Sen, from the TMC party, who were the senior members of Rajya Sabha have been dismissed from the session for week tenure due to their “riotous behaviour” inside the Parliament. Along with these two Rajya Sabah members, three Congress members, 1 AAP member and 2 CPI (M) member were also dismissed for the same. This didn’t stop the protest as Derek O’ Brien and Dola Sen stood their stand outside the parliament and continued their protest.

Therefore, West Bengal’s chief minister Mamta Banerjee has declared to now go on protest from today criticising the two farm bills along with the other members of the TMC party. CM Banerjee clarified in her statement that she would lead the protest which would start from Tuesday and would continue until the bill is condemned completely.

Today’s protest would be done by the women’s of the party and therefore would be led by the Health Minister of the State, Chandrima Bhattacharya nearby Gandhi Statue in Kolkata. Later, on Wednesday the youth members would be conducting the protest and then followed by the state’s farmers.

Under the unlock 4 phase guideline released by the Union Ministry which made political gatherings with a limit of 100 people possible in the entire nation, Banerjee then stated: “As per the rules of the unlock phase, there will be limited people on the protest and all would abide by the protocols too”.

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