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Yogi Government set to launch Block-level outreach program for farmers

If there are continued major protests by farmers in the National Capital Area against the new laws on agriculture, the government will still initiate a big program to link up farmers on the block level. The scheme is being completed and will be officially declared this week, called the mission Kisan Samman Yojana.

Prity Barman
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister

Since the passing of the Farm laws there has been immense protest across the nation and amidst all this, the government is trying hard to make the farmers understand the importance of farm laws.

On the other hand, to give relief to the farmers, the Uttar Pradesh government have announced some schemes. 

Despite all this chaos across the nation, the State government will initiate a big program to link up farmers on the block level. The scheme, called the mission Kisan Samman Yojana is almost complete and will be officially declared by this week. 

Senior government official said that most of the contacts with farmers have been since the Covid-19 lockdown in March. Now that the situation has begun to calm, farmers are in close contact, observing all Covid-19 social distance guidelines, etc. 

Camps around all blocks will be set up by the government, they will meet farmers and tell them about different schemes by state as well as central government. It would also remind them about technical improvements, emerging technologies and if possible, will put direct benefits on the field said a senior government officer. 

In several public addresses, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath addressed the grievances of farmers, in order to highlight the Government's commitment to farmers and undercut opposition criticism of farm laws that are against farmers welfare. The government also said that the past four years, despite the delay by previous Samajwadi party government, it made historic payments to paddy, sugarcane and wheat farmers.  

The new scheme is an opportunity for the Government to persuade farmers that the new law is not against them; the government has actually taken several steps to protect them, a senior official said.

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