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10 Plants for Bedroom: They Purify Air, Induce Good Sleep

The article talks of the best plants to keep in the bedroom to purify indoor air and get a good sleep.

Shipra Singh
Aloe barbadensis Miller (Aloe vera plant)
Aloe barbadensis Miller (Aloe vera plant)

Insomnia is one of the common problems faced by many people today. It could be due to stress or unfavourable conditions in the bedroom such as uncomfortable temperature or humidity. According to doctors, the body should have healthy oxygen saturation levels, around 96% to 98%, to stay active and healthy.  

Plants play a key role in keeping the environment favourable around. They help to purify air indoors so that you can keep healthier and away from toxins inside the house, especially the bedroom.  

Here are 10 plants we have carefully chosen for you. They pose the best companions in the bedroom. They are not only beautiful and increase the aesthetics of your room, but also purify air to help you sleep better at night.  

1. Aloe Vera

Botanical name: Aloe barbadensis miller 

We all know that aloe vera plant has medicinal value. But do you know it also has the ability to eliminate toxins like benzene adn aldehyde from the atmosphere and to produce oxygen? That’s why this can be the perfect plant for your bedroom. Besides, it looks neat and gorgeous on a table.  

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Snake Plant
Snake Plant

2. Snake Plant

Botanical name: Dracaena trifasciata 

Don’t go by its name! It may be snake plant, but it can help you sleep peacefully when kept in your bedroom. This plant is hardy, so you just need to keep it there at a corner and forget about it. This is a low-maintenance plant that has this unique feature to increase oxygen level during the night due to the CAM process.  

CAM stands for Crassulacean Acid Metabolism, which is an evolved carbon fixation technique carried out by certain plants when they are kept in dry conditions.  

Snake plant also removes toxic gases in the house like benzene and formaldehyde.  


3. Tulsi

Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum  

Can we forget out holy tusil or basil? There was a time when tulsi used to adorn almost every household entrance area. Today too, a lot of people keep tulsi at homes and even worship it. Although you may not want to keep auspicious tulsi plant in the bedroom because it is worshipped, those who do not mind keeping it can reap a lot of benefit from this plant.  

It produces good amount of oxygen at night and has the power to absorb upto 90% of dust particles from the indoor atmosphere. This is not all. The subtle fragrance of tulsi plant induces good sleep.  

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Rubber Plant
Rubber Plant

4. Rubber Plant

Botanical name: Ficus elastica 

This is one of the most popular plants for the bedroom, as it effectively removes formaldehyde, mold spores, and bacteria present in the air. You can expect this plant to purify air upto 70%. It is also a hardy plant requiring low maintenance. Its glossy leaves look gorgeous.  

Areca Palm
Areca Palm

5. Areca Palm

Botanical name: Dypsis lutescens 

Do you know areca palm won laurels in one of the NASA researches? It shows high capability to remove carbon dioxide from indoor air and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. So, it’s quite a useful plant to keep in the bedroom; besides it’s so gorgeous, you may want to admire it for long.  

Spider Plant
Spider Plant

6. Spider Plant

Botanical name: Chlorophytum comosum 

Its name may sound creepy, but the plant is gorgeous! Besides, an article published in National Wildlife Federation states that it has the power to eliminate upto 95% toxins from indoor air. So, this plant should be there in your bedroom! It produces good amount of oxygen during the day. Do you know it is also a stress-buster? Just looking at it makes your eyes go wide in admiration. And then you will realize that it really is true to its name because its leaves spread like a spider’s legs!  

Weeping Fig plant
Weeping Fig plant

7. Weeping Fig

Botanical name: Ficus benjamina 

No, it won’t make you weep, but it will certainly make you admire the plant! A study reveals that weeping fig plant, also called ficus plant, is powerful enough to decrease levels of carbon dioxide in indoor air and to produce more oxygen. So, this is a good plant to keep indoors, especially in the bedroom. It enhances greenery in your bedroom. This, in itself, is soothing to the eyes and helps to get a good night’s sleep.  

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

8. Peace Lily

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum 

The name itself connotes peace, so don’t you think this plant should be in your bedroom? This is a beautiful flowering plant that increases oxygen level in the surrounding air by 25%, as per a study. It is also found to increase humidity level by 5-6% in the room.  

Pothos plant
Pothos plant

9. Pothos

Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum 

This is a vine creeper plant, which shows the highest conversion rate of carbon dioxide into oxygen. So, this is a must-have plant in the bedroom, especially if you live in a polluted environment. Pothos is said to eliminate toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. And don’t forget, this plant is a beautiful green that refreshes your senses just by the sight of it.  

Boston Fern plant
Boston Fern plant

10. Boston Fern

Botanical name: Nephrolepis exaltata 

This fern plant increases oxygen levels of indoor air and also eliminates toxins like formaldehyde. Besides, the beauty of this plant instantly perks up the aesthetics of your bedroom. You need no other adornment in the room when you keep this plant in a corner or a side table.  

So, if you are looking to cleaning your bedroom air, forget spraying chemically-laden room fresheners or lighting smoky incense sticks. Simply place one or more of the above-mentioned plants in your bedroom and sleep like a log till morning.  

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