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3 Important Tips to Produce Tomatoes With the Best Flavor

The article provides tips to grow tomatoes with the best flavor.

Shipra Singh
Tomatoes in a basket
Tomatoes in a basket

You take a bite of your favourite tomato and cucumber sandwich. And then you cringe. What’s this? The tomato has no flavour. It is runny and tasteless. People who use tomatoes regularly for recipes may agree that it is hard to get a tomato with the perfect flavour and texture. It has to be the right red, the right juicy, and with the right sourness and flavour.  

Tomatoes with a bland taste can truly mar your recipe. Don’t you agree?  

This lycopene-packed vegetable has an important place in the kitchen. So, make sure you get the best ones. People grow tomatoes in their kitchen garden.  

If you are one of them or if you are thinking of growing tomatoes in your garden, don’t grow just like that. Know how to produce the most flavourful tomatoes. This will let you pick a juicy red tomato and enjoy it in salad, sandwich, or your favourite dal or vegetable recipe.  

How to produce the most flavorful tomatoes? 

Here are a few essential steps that can help you produce the best quality tomatoes: 

1. Soil

Soil is the most important factor to consider when growing tomatoes or any plant for that matter. If the soil is not good, you would hardly get the best crop. Ensure the soil is suited for tomatoes. It is rich in compost and other nutrients.  

Tomatoes love well-drained, fertile soil rich in organic matter and with a neutral pH of 6.0, upto 6.8. Remember, tomatoes actually get their flavour from the soil in which they are grown.  

Mulching with straw in tomato plants
Mulching with straw in tomato plants

2. Mulching

Mulching is important when you grow tomatoes. Proper mulch saves water, as it keeps soil moist. It blocks growth of weeds and provides protection to fruit. Make sure you leave about 2 inches room around the stem of the plant to let water seep into. You can cover the area surround the stem with a layer of 2-3 inches of organic mulch 

Mulch immediately after planting. The best mulches for tomatoes are grass clippings, peat moss, shredded leaves, and straw.  

3. Watering

Tomatoes will crack less, if the soil is moist. During hot months, you must do deep watering. This technique of watering makes tomato plants thrive. Insert a perforated tube about 12 inches deep (carefully not to damage roots) for deep watering.  

Another golden rule is to water slowly and deeply. Do not rush. Water every 2-3 days during summer. In cool weather and once fruiting happens, water once a week only.  

It’s best to water directly to roots rather than at the surface of the soil. Deep watering prevents attacks on pests and diseases and keeps your tomato plants happy and healthy.   

As mentioned earlier, mulch the soil to keep it moist and warm.  

Hot tip for picking tomatoes 

Pick tomatoes at the breaking stage, when they change color. These are called vine-ripened tomatoes. They don’t rot fast and continue to slowly ripen on your kitchen counter. They harbor the most flavor. 

Also, it helps you get the maximum health benefits of tomatoes. Do not wait till the tomato gets mushy and soft on the plant.

Please do not store tomatoes in the refrigerator. Room temperature is best.  

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