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How to grow Birds Eye Chili from seeds?

Birds Eye chillie is the star of the market having price Rs. 250 per kg. It has many medicinal properties. We can make a good profit by this cultivation

Priyanka Menon
Birds Eye Chili
Birds Eye Chili

Birds Eye Chili is the star of the market. The market price of this chilli is Rs.250 per kg.  The peculiarity of this cultivation is that it does not require any significant care. No scientific application of fertilizers or maintenance methods is required for this crop.

Farmers do not have any special farms to cultivate Birds Eye Chili. These are available in the market in a variety of colors. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Birds Eye Chili can be grown in any climate. It has many medicinal properties, is in high demand. Therefore, this cultivation is very lucrative. The practical method is to remove the fleshy part of the good chilli, remove the seeds, add the ashes, dry it in the sun and sow it. Good quality seedlings are available in all nurseries today. Once caught, it can be harvested in three to four years.

Growing Birds Eye Chili

Birds Eye Chili is better than other chilli varieties in terms of immunity. After growing, it can be transplanted when it becomes four leaves of age. Cultivation can be started by adding cow dung or compost as basal manure in the ground or grow bag. Fermented porridge is mixed with double water and poured on this plant to speed up the growth. Watering is important in summer. You can also start as an intercrop on your farm. Insect pests usually do not attack this chilli. Birds Eye Chili itself is an excellent bio-pesticide. From ancient times, farmers have been using a solution containing chilli to repel pests.

Health benefits of Birds Eye Chilli

Birds Eye Chili is one of the most medicinal plants. The capsaicin contained in it facilitates the digestive process. Chili peppers can also help control high cholesterol.

Chili is rich in vitamins A, C and E. It is also rich in Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Phosphorus. One can only think of Birds Eye Chili to get rid of excess body fat and reduce obesity.

The use of Birds Eye Chili is also good for improving heart health. It is rich in vitamin C which boosts our immune system.

It is also has a special ability to act as an analgesic. It is good for diseases like arthritis. Cultivating Birds Eye Chili itself which is in the forefront in terms of medicinal properties and market price ..

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