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How to Make a Beautiful Balcony Garden?

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
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The privilege of choosing chemical-free, new and home grown vegetables from the balcony can also be ours. When growing vegetables in the home, figuring out the important stuff to keep in mind is quite difficult.

Who doesn't want their backyard to grow new, pesticide-free, tasty vegetables? But it can be hard to find a large enough area for our vegetable garden when we live in a community. Our balcony is the next best choice. There is not much room needed for a vegetable garden and it can be very therapeutic to create one on our balcony.

In any case, our balcony is dark and dusty and needs some greenery to enjoy it. In comparison, when we have the option of going to our balcony and plucking out a new, juicy tomato, it is another degree of pleasure entirely. So, let's take these steps on the balcony to create a vegetable garden.

The Pots

It's necessary to pick the right kind of container for the vegetable garden. To expand the kitchen garden, one can go for clay pots, plastic pots, or even a container that is as easy as a bucket. The only thing to note is to cut cracks in the bottom so that the water can quickly get squeezed out.

The Plants

If we are a beginner and not quite familiar with the rules of gardening, opting for vegetables such as green chillies, tomatoes, cilantro and Brinjals that are easy to produce are a great . Herbs are fast to grow and easy to sustain, we can also start with them.

The Soil

The type of soil in which the plant grows makes all the difference. A ready-made potting mix involving dirt, compost and coco peat is available in many nurseries. Keep tilling it periodically to ensure that the water is drained by the soil and the extra water is seeped.

The Water

A particular amount of water is required by various plants. As per necessity, we need to keep watering the plants and we should be careful not to overwater them in winters. For the vegetable garden to fully flourish, we should keep them in clear sunshine.

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