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Most Profitable Cash Crops: Farmers can grow these Crops to get High Profits in Return

The objective of this article is to give a list of cash crops farming business ideas to small farm owners and those who are new in the world of agriculture, and also those who are looking for some information related to this.

Sangeeta Soni
A farmer in the field
A farmer in the field

The objective of this article is to tell about cash crops farming business ideas to small farm owners and those who are new in the world of agriculture. Commercial cash crop farming is a year-round profitable farming process.

Techniques may vary from one farmer to another, and one place to another, but the basics are absolutely the same. In India, as per the seasons, cash crops are divided into Rabi, Kharif, and Zaid crops.

  • Rabi Crops - These are the winter sown crops including, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Peas, etc.

  • Kharif Crops - These are monsoon sown crops including, rice, jowar, bajra, soybean, sugarcane, pulses, etc.

  • Zaid Crops - These are summer-sown crops including, pumpkin, bitter gourd, watermelon, cucumber, muskmelon etc.

What do you mean by cash crop

A cash crop is basically an agricultural crop that is grown to sell for profit or money. Most of the crops cultivated today worldwide are cash crops i.e. for selling in the national & international markets.

Topmost profitable cash crops in India

Here's the list of some of the most profitable crops in India;

1. Wheat

Wheat is one of the most profitable cash crops in India. It is a Rabi crop and the most important food in northern and north-western India. Wheat is a grass cultivated crop mainly for seeds. Wheat farming is really easy in comparison to other cereal crops. Wheat can be grown in a wide variety of climatic conditions, as it has high adaptability. 3- degree Celsius to 35-degree Celsius temperature is favorable for growing wheat, and drained loamy soil is favorable.

2. Rice

Rice is grown almost everywhere and is the most popular crop in India. India is the second-largest producer of rice after China. It is a Kharif crop. Rice is consumed in almost every state of India, but mostly in the southern states. Rice can be grown under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

The suitable temperature for rice farming is between 20-degree Celsius to 42-degree Celsius. And, can be grown through various cultivation methods.

3. Mustard

Mustard grows in dry and cool climatic conditions. 10-degree Celsius to 25-degree Celsius is the suitable temperature range for growing mustard. Mustard is the third most important oilseed in the

4. Maize

Maize is also one of the most important crops in India. It is mainly grown in southern regions of India including Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. It can be grown in temperatures ranging from 21- degrees Celsius to 27-degree Celsius.

5. Millets

Millets include crops such as Jowar, Bajra, etc. These are mostly grown in areas with high temperatures and drylands. These are grown in loamy soil.

6. Cotton

Cotton is considered one of the most profitable cash crops. Cotton is a Kharif crop. It is a fiber crop and cotton seeds are used to make vegetable oil. Temperature ranging from 21-degree Celsius to 30-degree Celsius is considered suitable for cotton farming. Some other profitable cash crops are tea, other herbs, Bamboo, Cactus, Spices, Medicinal plants, Sugarcane, etc.

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