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What is Bio-floc Fish Farming & How it can help Farmers, Entrepreneurs Increase their Income?

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
bio-floc fish farming

In order to promote intensive Aquaculture via bio-floc technology in fisheries, the state government of Odisha has come up with a new scheme for the farmers.

According to a release by Information & Public Relations Department, this is an advanced fish farming technology introduced in Odisha to provide livelihood support to the entrepreneurs, unemployed youth & interested progressive fish farmers which is aimed at increasing fish productivity & make the state self-sufficient in fish production.

What is Bio-floc based farming system

Bio-floc based farming system is the latest technology for the promotion of intensive fish & shrimp production in a restricted area without significantly increasing the usage of basic natural resources of land and water.

The release said, "A person having a small land holding (as small as 150 to 200 square meter of land) & having either municipal piped water supply / bore well water supply can start this business with small investment".

This new scheme aims to help fish farmers as well as young entrepreneurs for the generation of income & livelihood support.

The release also mentioned that "Bio-floc system is apt for growing freshwater fish species like GIFT Tilapia, Pangasius, Magur, Common Carp, Anabas etc depending on the local market demands. In Biofloc technology, the waste organic matter in the tank like feed waste, are digested with the use of probiotics (helpful bacteria) & carbon source such as molasses and gets converted to fish feed”.


In normal pond based farming system, 1 acre of earthen tank (4000 sq. mtr area) produces around 2,000 kg of fish in six months and in biofloc fish farming system, the two same 2000 kg fish can be produced only from four small tanks of each 4 meter diameter & 1.2 meter depth installed in a floor area of about 100 to 150 square meter.

Each bio-floc tank is stocked with 1000 to 1500 numbers of quality fish fry of 2-3 cm or fingerlings of 8-10 cm with a target of 500 kg fish production in 6 months. Generally, fish grows to about 200 gms in 3 months & 700-800 gms in 6 months.

Hence, depending on the local market demand, fish can be partially harvested daily to generate daily income for the farmers.

What is the cost for installation of Bio-floc fish tank?

The unit cost for installation of a Bio-floc unit of two tanks is Rs 1.50 lakh and a bio-floc unit of six tanks costs around Rs 4 lakh.

How much Subsidy does Government offers?

The Odisha Government offers a subsidy of 40% for general people while 60% subsidy is given to SC and ST beneficiaries.

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