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Earth Hour: Far Beyond the Symbolic Action of Switching Off Lights

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Earth Hour
Earth Hour (Pic Credit - express.co.uk)

Earth Hour is more than just an hour for the planet - it's a movement for the protection of our future. Every year, at 8:30 pm on the last Saturday of March, people across the world join in raising awareness of the issues facing by our planet.

History of the Hour:

Earth Hour was started by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and partners as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007, but now it is one of the world's largest grassroots movements for the environment. Earth Hour engages millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories, switching off their lights to support for the protection of our environment and wildlife.

Significance of Earth Hour:

  • Earth Hour goes far beyond the symbolic action of switching off - it has become a catalyst for positive environmental impact, driving major policy changes by utilizing the power of the human gathering and their collective action.

  • Earth Hour is an open source and it invite everyone, to take part and help amplify its mission to unite people to protect the planet.

  • It encourages people around the world to switch off their lights to call attention to climate change & global warming.

  • Earth Hour also aims to spark global conversations on protecting nature not only to combat the climate crisis, but to ensure our own health, happiness, prosperity and even survival.

Virtual Earth Hour

Year 2021: Our first-ever Earth Hour ‘Virtual Spotlight’:

Every year, countdown started together across the globe to celebrate Earth Hour and take one iconic action of switching off the lights. This Light- off moment saw entire streets, buildings, landmarks, and city skylines go dark. But this year, amidst the pandemic situation- in addition to switching off lights, everyone is also invited to raise awareness and create the unmissable sight online too, so that the whole world can see our planet, the issues we face, and our place within it, in a new light.

Link to participate in Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight on 27th March 2021:


Natural systems are vital for all our futures - and yet, the rate of global loss of nature during the past 50 years is unprecedented in human history. Nature not only provides us food, water, clean air and other services but also it is our true ally against climate change. Protecting nature is one of the most immediate, powerful, and cost-effective solutions to the climate crisis. Earth Hour is a symbol of power in collective action for nature and also is a symbol of hope.

Lets together participate in this global event on 27th March!

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